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Accord 2016 vs Altima 2016

srisri123srisri123 Member Posts: 1
edited December 2015 in Honda
Hi, Though I have gone through various reviews available on the net to decide whether to go for Accord 2016 or Altima 2016, I am interested to find out actual users opinion as well.

Could you folks share how Accord 2016 wins over Altima 2016 or vice versa and which one is best bang for the buck?

I am mostly interested to know how is Nissan's Safety Shield (like traction control, blink watch warning etc) compared with Honda Sensing which has similar features but not as many as Nissan's? and how is Nissan Infotainment (Nissan Connect) compared to that of Honda's (Android Auto). Any other key factors that helps in making a decision.


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    saratogastevesaratogasteve Member Posts: 186
    I've had the pleasure of driving both the 2015 Honda Accord and the 2015 Nissan Altima. Both cars are great options. If they were priced the same I'd definitely go with the Accord which provides a back up camera at every level. But you can/could get the 2015Altima 2.5 S at a huge discount ($16,888), so I went for the Altima.
    It's a very comfortable quiet ride with enough power and excellent gas mileage. After owning the Altima for 2 months I was unfortunate enough to get into a fender bender (my son with the learners permit) and at 3 mph, it was incredible how much damage there was to the front end of the car - over $5,000 in damage. I really can't say if the Honda would of fared any differnt in the same accident.
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