Is this good price on RDX 16 with Advance

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Selling price $41,300 including wheel locks and mats.


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    AWD I assume?

    I get $41,765 invoice and $44,340 for MSRP.

    TMV is coming in at $43,700 for a random FL zip code. (these numbers include destination)

    I think your quote is a good one for FL. If you are in the DC region, you may still be able to beat your quote. If you are in Seattle, then go for it.

    I didn't assign any value to the mats and locks so that's a nice little bit of gravy.
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    I am in NJ , this is what I get

    Sale Price $ 41,384.00
    Trade $ -
    Taxable $ 41,384.00
    Taxes $ 2,896.88
    DMV (estimated) $ 400.00
    Online Processing $ 8.05
    NJ tire tax $ 7.50
    Doc $ 399.00
    NJ Luxury Tax $ -
    Owed on Trade $ -
    Total $ 45,095.43 with Cargo Tray
    - All-season floor mats
    - Carpeted floor mats
    - Wheel locks
    - Splash Guard Set

    Looks like a good deal to me ,,
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    Seems like a good deal, but we're starting to see <$41k for the AWD Advance in some areas. With the mats, etc., it gets you pretty close.
  • Hugo_StiglitzHugo_Stiglitz Member Posts: 167
    2016 AWD RDX Advanced
    $41464 incl dest
    Dealer conveyance 399
    CT tax 2658.30
    transfer tag $104
    total 44625.30 took delivery in Aug. from Berlin Acura

    bought all dealer installed accessories from at a 30 -40% discount over the selling dealer prices. all came with installation instructions. Bought Morimoto XB Type S direct replacement LED fogs.
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    I am looking at a AWD RDX Advance in NJ. What is the best price as is. I am also considering the protection package II, trailer hitch, roof rails and roof rail crossbars. I'm not sure how to negotiate the accessories. Please advise.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    The numbers for a Bridgewater zip look like this:

    Invoice $41,765, MSRP $44,340 and TMV of $42,082. Those numbers include the $920 destination.

    I'd aim for ~$1,500 below invoice and work my way up.

    For the accessories, shop online and try to get the dealer to meet your quotes, plus a bit extra for installation. Even better, get those quotes and roll them into one "complete" out the door price (with taxes and fees) and negotiate off that bottom line number.

    Not sure what the protection package is - if it's a paint/interior package, I'd pass since the profit mark-up is usually way high on those. If it's an extended warranty, I'd wait a while and depend on the manufacturer warranty to cover any issues. As you near the warranty expiration, you should be able to buy one then if you think you need it. Those are another high profit item and you may be able to shop around for a better price later on.
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