2016 Honda Pilot EX / EX-L Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

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I am looking to buy a new family car
The dealer in Florida Daytona beach is offering
2016 Honda Pilot EX is 33,330 plus tax, tag and fees

I think it's a bit high..

How much should be the good price to buy this car.

Also should I got for EX or EX-L

Thanks for your help.


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    Wait until you see the typical Florida doc fees. $50 is plenty - lots of dealers in Florida like to stick you with $750 fees.

    FWD I assume?

    Looking at the EX, invoice is 31,275 and MSRP is $33,310. The TMV average price paid in Daytona is $32,831. Those numbers include the $880 destination.

    Looks like to need to shop around for some more quotes, and maybe even head up to TN or GA if you are willing to travel. Even going to Tampa should save you a couple of hundred bucks.

    If you aim for TMV or less for the selling price of the Pilot, you can then add in your taxes and use that number to negotiate (the out the door price). That may help you avoid the typical overpriced Florida doc fee.
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    @stever thanks for your reply..

  • priya123priya123 Member Posts: 33
    can someone who just bought this car give me details of their price break down ..
    this will give me some idea on how much discount should I expect..
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    I got this Quote from an orlando dealer today..
    Does it look good?

    2016 Honda pilot EX-L with RES

    Make: Honda
    Year: 2016
    MSRP: $38,405.00
    ePrice: $35,139.00
    Model: Pilot EX-L RES
    Honda Destination Charge: $830.00

    Best Price: $35,969.00

    Just Add Tax, Tag, Title, & $699 Dealer Fee
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     I just started looking and Long Island New York curious did you ever make that purchase in Florida 
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    Hello! I'm in Houston, TX area. I left the dealership earlier today with an offer of $500/mo for 60 month finance (walk out price) for an EX-L model with no navigation, but will include running board. Here's a summarize of the breakdown that I remember:

    MSRP - $40,600
    Down payment - $14K
    TX tax is 8.25 btw

    I'm not sure how the destination or TTL will factor in, but am I close to the ball park? Any help or input in greatly appreciated!

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    I'm not too savvy with payment buying. I'd rather see you find out the selling price of the car, then add in the taxes and fees. That number will determine what your monthly payment is.

    Can't tell where you're getting that $40k MSRP (unless the running boards cost a whole lot more than I think they do). Are you getting FWD or AWD?

    Easiest thing to do is use the Make | Model dropdown menu up top to Build and Price your Pilot. Your goal will be to beat the TMV average price in Houston. That number plus TTL will give you the selling price of the car (also known as out the door price).

    Then you can go to our Monthly Loan calculator and plug the number in and it'll tell you what the right ballpark is for your payment.
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    @stever: It's FWD and the running board cost about $800. Thanks for the quick reply... I'll start working on the number you suggested and go from there.
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    Holler if you get stuck.
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    @stever: Rehi and thanks so much for the suggestion. I'm new to this and it helps so much to have an already made "formula" that I can just plug the number in the see the final number :)

    This is what I have afterward:

    TMV - $36551
    TX tax - $2284
    TTL - $548
    Down payment - $14K which will now bring the purchase price to $25383... at an estimate of 3% finance will bring the monthly payment to $456.

    Definitely an eye opener for me :) I'm glad to have something to reference to for future offer. Thanks so much once again!
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    Very cool. Honda prices aren't too great in TX it seems but remember that TMV is an average and it's nice to be above average (well, below average in this case).

    If you can get TMV down another $500 it won't look like much per month, but every little bit helps.

    Oh, about that 3% estimate. It helps to get your own financing first from your own bank or credit union or even one of our online links. Then invite the dealer to beat your rate. Often they can and dealers are motivated to do so since they get paid for putting loans together.

    And getting your own rate quote is a check to make sure that the dealer isn't padding the rate they are quoting you and keeping the extra.
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