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imageThe Aftermarket Upgrade We Absolutely Must Get - 2015 Dodge Viper GT Long-Term Road Test

Our 2015 Dodge Viper GT might not need a horsepower upgrade, but it does need an upgrade to help with entry/exit. Enter the Car Cane.

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  • thepuffthepuff Member Posts: 87
    I got one of these for my father (69 yrs) to get in and out of his Mustang...he loves it and he looks much happier getting in and out of the vehicle. It also doubles as a window punch and belt cutter.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
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    Slick - could have used that to stand on for tying down my canoes and kayaks on top of my minivans over the years. Probably would have ruined the door jam after a year or two.
  • cjasiscjasis Member Posts: 274
    Thanks for posting this. My old man is disabled and this looks to be an excellent compliment to the can which he uses to walk. I actually ordered three (one for each car).
  • handbrakehandbrake Member Posts: 99
    My dad (late 80s) had a hip replacement earlier this year and then he broke the leg a few months later. He can barely move on his own, so we got one of these things to help when he gets in and out of the car. They really work. I don't know if the Viper is the right type of car for these to be used in, since there are probably other issues with ingress/egress, but if you have a mobility impaired person in your life and need help getting them in/out of cars, these things are lifesavers.
  • subytrojansubytrojan Member Posts: 120
    Wish I had thought of this invention!

    I remember not liking getting out of the long-term Z34 (I'm not talking about a Lumina) sometimes. Maybe I'll get one if I ever dislike getting out of coupes and convertibles so much that I never want to drive them.

    The Swivel Seat on the other hand, is less impressive. :P
  • bankerdannybankerdanny Member Posts: 1,021
    Sadly this won't work on my '72 MGB-GT since it uses a post on the door jamb rather than a loop.
  • ayaoayao Member Posts: 27
    In for two.
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