Issues with horn not working and buzzing when the car and headlights are on?

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Not sure what happened but while I was sitting at a light I heard a new buzzing noise on my sorento. After trying a few things I realized that the right side horn wasn't working and when the car and the lights are on the horn on the right side buzzes.I unplugged the right side light assembly from the harness and the buzzing went away but the horn still didn't work. I tried unplugging the right side horn but it must be on the same line because the lights then didn't work. I thought it was a bad horn issue but I bought a new one and it still had the same problem. I have checked all the connectors even swapped the light bulbs in the assembly with the ones on the left side that dont have a problem. I even swapped out the left side horn to see if it was actually the problem. I also swapped out the fuzzes for the horn and nothing. Not sure if this is a wiring issue but I checked to make sure the ground wires were solid and they were. Anyone have any ideas before I take it into the shop?


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    I can't look anything up w/o model year? I thought maybe the lites were trying to ground through the horn circuit? And when you unplugged the horn, the lites couldn't ground?
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