2016 Honda CR-V Vs 2016 Honda Pilot

priya123priya123 Member Posts: 33
edited December 2015 in Honda

Not able to decide which one to buy at this point:

Which one is better?

Is more space really better?
Or Fuel efficiency is better?


  • tfm70tfm70 Member Posts: 20
    Do you want a five passenger vehicle or a van? The Pilot looks good, but it is huge.
  • cboothe70cboothe70 Member Posts: 19
    Family of four here. I rarely need more space than I get with my CR-V. I always need more fuel efficiency.
  • priya123priya123 Member Posts: 33
    I am thinking same .
    fuel efficiency will be more pratical
  • berriberri Member Posts: 10,165
    Put 4 people and luggage in the CRV, then add some headwind or hilly driving and the Pilot may actually do better at Interstate speeds.
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