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Leaks! Leaks! Leaks!

imafoolimafool Member Posts: 1
edited December 2015 in GMC
I purchased my Acadia December 2014 right after my Grandbaby passed away from SIDS. I wanted an Acadia with all the bells and whistles and third row seating so if I wanted to take all my grandchildren at once ( we have 6 now) then I could load them all up in the Acadia and go! I had it about 2 months and the transmission went out, that was a recall thank God so that got fixed! No every time it rains it leaks water from the lights in the back seat, it leaks water from the front door posts on both passenger side and driver side it leaks in the front floorboards, my car smells like soured water now! I was upside down a little when I got the Acadia I know I'll really be in over my head if I try to go trade this beautiful piece of junk in now! All I wanted was to be able to take my grandbabies all at once and go where ever we wanted in a nice comfortable SUV!!! I wished I had never laid eyes on this Acadia!! GMC THIS SHOULD BE A RECALL OR A BUY BACK ON THESE VEHICLES!!! It's sad that you would allow this junk to be sold in America!!
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