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imageSoft Touches, Monticello-Approved - 2015 Nissan Murano Long-Term Road Test

Our 2015 Nissan Murano has soft touch-points in all the right places.

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  • rysterryster Member Posts: 571
    First comment...forcing people to shut off AdBlock to use your site is lame. I guess click ad revenue is down, There is a reason AdBlock extensions exist and people use them.

    With regards to materials quality, soft touch is nice but isn't a deal breaker. The driving experience is what counts, Soft touch might make you happy, but if the thing is difficult to park or has poor outward visibility (mentioned in previous posts) who would want to even deal with owning the vehicle? $42K for a Nissan SUV is hardly a bargain. The Infiniti QX50 starts at $34K. The QX60 starts at $42K. So, the Murano is in Infiniti pricing territory.
  • marmotkingmarmotking Member Posts: 42
    All done! Goodbye Edmunds, RIP Inside Line, arrivederci bookmark, see you later long term updates, it's been nice knowing you. The funny thing is I liked the site enough that I might have paid a token fee, like $20 per year or something, but being bombarded by ads is a stronger deterrent than paying. I've got a couple old machines just for surfing in strategic locations around the ol' compound and there are enough ads on this site that those aging boxes of electrons just can't handle it without complaint. First the lobby Corvette, now this. Now I'll never know if you'll ever get around to testing a real pickup with an 8' box, stop describing minivan shoppers as schlubs, and making excuses for (fill in the car make) long termers.
  • 03hondaaccord03hondaaccord Member Posts: 18
    Just to let fellow AdBlock users know, you can get around the message by hitting escape.
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