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2012 Lamborghini Aventador: Suspension Walkaround

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image2012 Lamborghini Aventador: Suspension Walkaround

Oh yes we did. Edmunds recently caught up with the only 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 rolling display chassis in existence and had our way with it at a nearby Lamborghini/Aston Martin service facility. What's more, this beautiful piece of one-of-a-kind automotive sculpture has been...

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  • corvair66corvair66 Member Posts: 1
    Mr. Edmunds
    I have been a fan of your suspension walkarounds for some time but I am extremely disappointed with this one. The most glaring error you have made is the statement about pushrod suspensions reducing unsprung weight; this is categorically untrue. The pushrod and the bellcrank are additional unsprung weight. You are correct in saying that in open wheeled race cars the pushrods improve airflow through the suspension, but they are also used in closed wheel race cars like LeMans prototypes. In closed wheel cars they are used mainly to improve the arrangement of the anti-sway bar by locating the coil overs longitudinally (they are longitudinal in F1 as well) and using either a T-Bar setup or a shorter stiffer anti-sway bar directly attached to the bellcrank. Remember that the linkage from the anti-sway bar and the free end of the anti-sway bar itself are unsprung weight) In the case of the Aventador the purpose of the pushrod suspension is mysterious, as it adds weight and also raises the center of gravity of the coil-overs, and the anti-sway bar. It could be used to achieve non-linear geometry so that the ride height adjustments also change the effective spring stiffness, and like you stated it allows more room for the drive axle. This car has to drive comfortably in normal mode, yet be extremely stable and forgiving at high speeds as it will be driven by amateur drivers.
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