2015 X1 28i Xdrive price CPO (6,000 miles)

ray_5365ray_5365 Member Posts: 14
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I cant do a lease because of my visa type.
And I got a quote of an 2015 X1 CPO.
2015 X1 28i Xdrive MSRP 45050.
Selling price 36880. I plan to reach 36000.

Could you provide any suggestion? I know the 2016 is a new refresh model.


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
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    This one must have a boatload of options on it - a "base" 2015 X1 28i has a Certified Used Price (TMV Value) of
    $28,177. You can run the numbers here and dial it in a lot better.
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