How can I fix this bad electrical problem?

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I have big bad electrical problem on 99 t/c limited and i cant find how to fix it.the speedometer broke since first day i bought the doesnt tell the speed just skip up and down.some times the rpm gauge stops working too.the parking lights dont turn on using the switch.i have no horn if i try in the sterring wheel.the interior lights dont turn on unless i turn on the high beams the they dont shut off.if i turn the valume up or down using the sterring wheel botton it will change the station.if i use the botton thing to unlock the doors from outside it will move the side mirrors.the back side windows dont open and if they open they wont close unless i beat them.the a/c- heater switch only work on a speacker amd i cant move the side mirrors  working.any one can help me?


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    Hello! The problems you describe are indicative of the BCM (Body Control Module), this is a dealer repair item, it must be programed and calibrated by a dealer shop. Stop by your local Chrysler Dealer and ask the service manager about it. Good luck.
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    Were is the bcm located?
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    Hello again! Am posting location, removal and installation procedure below, but be aware the dealer is pretty much the only shop with the program to test and re-calibrate this module, and they won't test it off the vehicle

    First: Disconnect Negative Battery Cable from Battery, so that there is no power to the electrical system at all!

    The bcm is located on the back side of the under-dash fuse box (junction block). You remove the lower steering column cover and knee blocker reinforcement. Then remove two plugs from the bottom of the bcm.
    Remove the bolts holding the junction block to dash panel mounting bracket. Remove the junction block from the bracket. Remove screws holding the bcm to the junction block. Slide the bcm downward to disengage guide studs on junction block from channels on bcm mounting bracket
    Remove bcm from junction block.
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    Before any plans are made to replace any part, you must test and prove what is wrong. Each of these issues needs to be analyzed, and that needs to be done one at a time. While there is potential for some of them to be related, it should not be assumed that any of them are.
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