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The 2016 Hyundai Tucson is a fully redesigned compact SUV that is bigger in most dimensions than the model it replaces, yet still slightly smaller than top-selling segment rivals. It is available in four trim levels (SE, Eco, Sport and Limited), each of which includes plenty of equipment for their respective price points.

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  • s197gts197gt Member Posts: 486
    Saw one on the highway and found it to be a very attractive vehicle. This or the CX-5 would be my top choices in the segment. At this point in my middle-aged life I might lean towards the Hyundai.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Any owners following this thread? Some owners have an issue with hesitation at red lights - this happened on a test drive today (the salesperson was driving and the Tucson almost stalled it at a light).
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    I have owned a 2016 Tucson Eco with the 1.6 L turbo and dual clutch transmission. I have really enjoyed the vehicle and have had no stalling or hesitation problems. I know that the dual clutch transmission is generally smoother and faster shifting than an automatic but can have an occasional episode where it will over rev the engine if you are on a steep incline taking off but then again my VW that I previously owned did the same thing which was equipped with a dual clutch transmission. Many people think that this is an automatic because of not having to shift manually and are not educated by the dealer in many cases on test drives regarding how a DCT works. It does shift differently and some may perceive it as not shifting correctly. Overall, I have enjoyed mine and my salesperson did not even know that my Tucson had this transmission. Keep in mind that this is basically an automated manual transmission that is designed to shift faster and achieve better fuel economy. As far as the test drive, possibly the car had a bad tank of fuel or something else (if the car was set in the Eco mode around town, it would feel sluggish because that driving mode is designed for the highway and could have contributed to the hesitation and feeling like it was going to stall). I only run mine in Normal or Sport mode in-town/city driving.

    I really have been impressed with my vehicle, the lowest tank average I have seen is 29 and usually average 29.5-30.5 all the time in a 50/50 mix of driving. I only use Top Tier 87 Octane BP or Shell gasoline.

    In this review that Edmund's wrote, with my vehicle, I have never experienced a delay with the accelerator pedal taking off in this vehicle and the "inelegant lurches" can happen with all DCT transmissions because the dual clutch transmission is essentially a manual transmission. If you google this you will find many discussions across all car brands that use this kind of transmission.

    The fit and finish on my vehicle is excellent and it is quiet on the road and handles very well in rain (I have the FWD). All options work as they should and the seats are comfortable. I did change the tires immediately to Michelin's because that is all that I have run for years and I really like them. The heat and A/C work really well and I really like the back up camera.

    Considering the Hyundai Bumper to Bumper 60k Warranty / 100k Powertrain, I think this is a lot of vehicle for the money and after owning it for a year myself, I would recommend this vehicle to anyone searching for a fuel efficient, good looking crossover.

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