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My experience with renting cars recently is that they all have unnecessary lights, shiny trim, multi-colors, and all kinds of distracting dodads all over the dashboard, including touchscreens that seem to be designed to guarantee accidents. My initial internet research has confirmed this. Is there a new car, roughly the size of a Civic or Corolla or a little larger, that has a clean, simple, nondistracting dashboard with knobs instead of touchscreens? If there is, that would be where I would start my search for a new car. Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Hello! Here is a small list of three vehicles that are considered low tech and suitable for those who like a more basic automobile, check them out.

    1. Hyundai Accent GS hatchback and GLS sedan. The subcompact Accent is the poster child for basic transportation. It works well in most respects and is surprisingly peppy with its 1.6-liter engine. Unfortunately, starting at around $16,000 with delivery charges, some shoppers might find a better value in a larger and more accommodating used car that still manages to eschew baffling bells and whistles.

    2. Kia Rio LX hatchback or sedan. The subcompact Rio shares platforms and components with the Hyundai Accent, and is likewise refreshingly unadorned in its base versions. Good luck finding one on a dealer’s lot that isn’t loaded up, however.

    3. Mazda Mazda3 iSV sedan. The compact Mazda3 would be our pick on’s list of low-tech autos for its cunning combination of value, performance and practicality. It’s sportier to drive than most of its competitors, with corner-hugging handling and a lively 2.0-liter four-cylinder “SkyActiv” engine.
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    how about a 2000-2009 trail blazer by chevy
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    Buy used car from Carmax. You will get to check out dozens of different brands and compare them
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