Front differential problems

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I just had my transmission rebuilt about 4 months ago and a couple of weeks ago I began to notice a scraping sound coming from the drivers side wheel when turning. It doesn't happen every single time I turn but it has begun to happen more frequently. I also noticed it happens from time to time when accelerating slowly from a complete stop even without turning; you can hear a low humming sound then 4 distinct scrapes like something is stuck spinning and scraping against metal. After looking at some other forums I think it may be the front differential. It happens in 2wd so does that make a difference?

I guess one of the bigger questions I had was whether or not this is a common issue after rebuilding the transmission or if it could be related to that in any way. I have a warranty on the rebuild so I was hoping this might be related/covered. Knowing my luck the two issues are probably unrelated completely. Truck has 200,XXX miles on it so it might just be due for some work.

Can anyone help shed some light on this for me before I take it to a shop!?!?
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