New Bronco Concept

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Has anyone noticed the Bronco concept at the 2004 NA Auto show? Any thoughts that this may make production? It seems far to long since the last 2 door full size Bronco...


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    yes, my friend emailed me notice of it this morning as we are both fans of the old bronco styles (60s and 70s). i havent been able to find any info regrarding production. that info will probably surface soon. i really hope ford makes it because it is a really good looking truck and is supposed to have a turbo-diesel. lets keep everyone updated here on this forum as new info comes to light. im going to start saving for my new bronco today!
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    replaced in 1997 by the four door Ford Expedition?
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    Just noticed some more information and pics about the new concept Bronco at (This site has a few pop-up ads)
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    What a slick looking vehicle, can Ford really pull this off and bring it to market? How long does it take to go from concept to market? I'd get in line at the dealership today if they were available.
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    The Bronco was getting alot of attention at the Detroit show. While I was admiring the vehicle on the turntable I was chatted up by a thirty something fellow in a leather jacket. He asked me what features on the concept I liked best, and why, then he mentioned that certain features definitely "won't make it into the production vehicle" e.g. the suede interior and much of the billet aluminum. I'm reasonably certain he was from Ford's design or marketing department, I've been queried by GM and Ford people before, and recognized the chassis of the Bronco almost immediately when I saw it, I was parked next to a Ranger with that undercarriage last summer.
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    i definitely thought the bronco was one of the stars of the detroit show, along with the mustang, solstice, nomad, and land rover. the bronco looks like it was hewn from a solid chunk of metal, and looks tough in a burly way that the jeep TJ can only dream of. build it and i will come. er, i mean, that didn't come out quite right. where's the klee...
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    You know, at first, the Bronco didn't grab me other than from a nostalgia standpoint - I thought it was cool, but NEVER thought they'd make it. With all the SUV product available out there, I figured this would be WAY too expensive to even consider. I'm surprised at the response here. But then again, I was ga-ga over the retro Thunderbird (still am, actually), but have yet to buy one. Just can't quite justify it, adorable as it is, for the practicality it would not offer.
    And, my wife would kill me.
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