The Altima vs the Maxima

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I have a 2002 Dodge Intrepid SE...I only have 86,000 miles on this vehicle & i cannot get an inspection sticker due to rust on the underside (hazard of living in New England) i guess i will have to get an underside wash on future vehicles ( i have never done this on any previous car i have owned)
I am trying to figure out what my replacement car will be i have drivem a friends Altima & it is a very nice ride, it looks like the Maxima may be a step up from the Altima......some models have a Bose audio system....that speaks to the luxury of the vehicle i have never heard of Bose in any other car out there. I plan on buying a used car (cant afford new) i am having a hard time deciding on which car to buy and i have heard good about the handful of cars i am checking into. HONDA ACCORD......TOYOTA CAMRY.....FORD TAURUS......NISSAN ALTIMA or NISSAN MAXIMA. I am so confused but i want this car to last me 15 yrs or longer.....will beliving in Florida so that should help with the rudt issue. I know this is long but i need any help....thank you so much......May everyone have a very Safe & Happy Holiday season....i know the worst time of year for car Accidents & Tragedies is upon us....So please watch out and try to avoid the idiots that get behind the wheel after drinking....more than ever at all of Christmas & New Years parties.
Thank you for any help


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    All mid-size cars are basically the same , like clones. Just the customer service and designs are a bit different. Maxima is a bigger sister of Altima, so its the odd one out of your short list. I would pick any one from them like a power ball lottery draw :smile:
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