Need Help Diagnosing Issues

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Hi there,

I purchased a 2006 Hyundai Tucson GL 2.0L I-4 4cylinder Automatic in January of this year. About three months ago I started noticing a shudder in my steering wheel every time I put a heavy electrical load on my engine. I replaced the battery which definitely helped since it was not marked when the battery had even been put in. However, the shudder has continued to grow through the months.

I took it yesterday to a dealership and they explained to me that what I was feeling was normal. They also tried to tell me it was the weather. I kept explaining that this issue was not there when I first bought the vehicle so how could it be normal? I did ask them what else could it be, and he said that he did not know. I have my ideas but I am really looking for other opinions.

So what I mean by heavy electrical load is when my car needs to be running head lights, defroster, windshield wipers and radio, and I am driving. Then when I stop I can feel the shudder in my steering wheel. It does not happen any other time, only under high electrical load.

Thank you for any ideas or suggestions.
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