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Mazda MX-Micro Sport

zaimonzaimon Posts: 124
edited March 2014 in Mazda
It looks like Mazda's innovating again with this mini/Scion fighter.

Whaddya think?

Mazda MX-Micro Sport

MSN Autos coverage


  • revdrluvrevdrluv Posts: 417
    Smart move... Americans will buy small cars, but only if they are really cheap, or really cool (i.e. Mini). A plain Mazda2 would be too small and entry-level to get respect in the US. The way they revised it here here with flared wheel wells, revised headlamps, nice alloy wheels and trim (door handles etc...) definitely makes the car more stylish. Could be considered a sporty Mini/Scion alternative. The small lightweight hot hatch is set to return!
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Posts: 569
    Looks good (although a Mazda2 with a decent set of alloys isn't too shabby either). Mx-Micro definitely looks more agressive + if they keep the 148 hp engine in it, it will be way more powerful than the Mazda2 too. As the Mazda3 Sport starts around 20 G's in Canada (the sedan starts around 16), I think there is definitely room for it certainly blows away the Echo and Aveo/Swift+ hatches.
  • zaimonzaimon Posts: 124
    I have a feeling that this will be the next joint project between Mazda and Ford, a la, the Tribute/Escape. There's some speculation that it'll come here as the new Ford Fiesta and Mazda2! The car doesn't quite have the Mazda "identity" yet, so there may be a few cosmetic changes when the car comes to market.

    I'm crossing my fingers that it comes stateside!
  • xeiderxeider Posts: 46
    Something to consider for the future... I notice the front bumper corners are very similar to the pictures circulating of the Mazdaspeed Mazda3 (Mazda Axela Sport Mazdaspeed). ect_name=new&data=off
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    I thought the Mazda 3 was supposed to be Mazda's compact entry?? :)
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    This might be a hint of what they're thinking.

    The 3 is a compact, replacing the Protege. They've not had a sub-compact (in NA) for years.

    I, for one, would definitely be interested. Looks like it addresses a couple of my gripes with the 3 (too little headroom, and latch on the hatch is too low). I hope they go with a stereo system that is easily modified with aftermarket components (or at least adds an easy AUX-in jack for my iPod), and lose that i-Drive look-alike control.
  • xeiderxeider Posts: 46
    It will be interesting to see how close to this the final product looks. With the price points of the low end cars for automakers going up in price it makes sense to try and bring some smaller low price cars. But in the land where everyone (except me) seem to be infatuated with the huge SUV will it have enough charm and features to be worth being made? I can see it easily surviving in Europe and Asia.

    Have you looked at the Griffin iTrip or Monster iCarPlay Wireless - FM Transmitter for iPods? If our cars didn't have a tape deck I would have one already, and I am strongly considering one now. I agree though, it would be much easier and convenient if cars came standard with a port.
  • I thought that MX and the Scion tc were the most interesting cars in the show for my needs. The MX looked like a four door Mini Cooper but with the promise of Japanese reliability. I'm looking to buy in about a year and hope that in that time the MX becomes a option.
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    But while it would be fairly unique in the United States, it is hardly innovative. There are many similar vehicles in Europe and Japan.
  • fdannafdanna Posts: 263
    Yes they may be a dime a dozen in europe, but aside from the mini cooper, they don't exist in the US. I want one!
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    and ESPN was covering the Detroit auto show. They said the Micro-Sport will come to the US. I wonder where pricing will start.
  • i really like it. it looks like a fun car to drive.
  • Saw the MX Micro at the Cnd Intl Autoshow in Toronto yesterday, very nice, almost like a four door Mini. Looks like small may be big again, with this car, the Echo Hatch, possible Honda Fit, and something from Nissan (in Canada at least).
  • Bring this car to Canada!! It doesn't even need to be that inexpensive. With 148 HP on tap, this thing should be a blast to drive and doesn't need to be able to price point compete with the Echo.

    Keep a well equipped model (Leather, power everything, 16" wheels) at around $20,000 and offer a entry level model at $15,500 to $16,000 and I think Mazda eould have a real winner on its hands.

    Given the fact that the Mini starts at about $26-27,000 in Canada, with the Cooper selling at $35,000, the car would be an absolutely outstanding value in that price range. Hell, you could probably tack a couple of extra thousand bucks onto the prices I just quoted and the thing would still sell.
  • fdannafdanna Posts: 263
    Yikes, with all the small cars going to Canada and the SUVs being pushed to the US, I'm going to have to see how viable it is to import a car from Canada. It's easy if there is a US equivalent, but there are now cases where one doesn't exist.

    Geez, not all Americans like big fat SUVs! They're saying gas could go as high as US$2.75 a gallon this summer too :-(
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Posts: 569
    With the 3 Sport (hatchback) starting at around 20K in Canada, there's definitely room for the Microsport in the $16K range.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    I hope they really are bringing it to the NA market.

    And regarding the FM transmitters, I bought an iRock for $30. It was too susceptible to interference and cut off a lot of the highs. Transmission also was greatly affected by its position and orientation relative to the head unit. I went back to my cassette adapter (at least until I replaced my head unit with one with a front AUX-in jack).
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    There was a show on the tube last night covering the LA auto show. They talked briefly about the Micro. This looks like a neat little car with possibilities. With 148 HP (if that's how much the production model ends up with) and very little weight, this car should be a blast to drive! I just hope Mazda holds true to tradition and keeps the price reasonable. I'd say pricing in the low teens for a base model and not more than 14-15 for one with more options should make this a hot seller. I just hope Mazda doesn't let this go to their heads and price it in the high teens to low 20's, not unlike VW did with the new Beetle. That would be a shame. For what model year is it supposed to be available here in the states?
  • car3car3 Posts: 27
    Is this car based on a Ford Festiva platform? Where will the car be made? Will the engine in the Micro-sport be based off a Ford block?

    Reading about Mazda they are pulling an Audi mid to late 90's of late: just basically remaking the whole brand the last few years in terms of remaking and replacing different models it seems.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    Those are some pretty good questions that I certainly can't answer. They said the engine would be some version of a 2 litre that's already in use. Is the Mazda 3 using a 2 litre engine? One thing I have noticed about Mazda is even when they do use something by Ford, they tend to Mazda-ize it and make it better. It's almost like they cleans it with some type of Mazda holy water to wash away the Ford cooties. I'm not too worried about it. If Mazda follows their recent trend, the Micro will be a well built ride.
  • 1) Platform - platform is the same that currently underpins the Mazda2 and Ford Festiva. Mazda led the design of this platform.

    2) Build Location - Mazda2 model is built in both Japan for the Asian Pacific market and in Valencia, Spain for the European market. I am sure that if the Microsport came to NA it would be built in Japan.

    2) Engine - the 148 HP 2.0L in the Microsport concept is exactly the same as the base 2.0L in the Mazda3. Same displacement, same horsepower. This engine is part of the MZR family of four cylinder engine that Mazda developed for the Ford Family of Vehicles (Mazda is the world-wide centre of excellence for 4 cylinder engine development). These engines are manufactured in Japan and in Mexico. The block is originally a Ford design.

    Since the Microsport would be built in Japan for the NA market (if it ever comes here) engines would be sourced from Japan and not from Mexico.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    Anyone know how much the Microsport will weigh? I can't seem to find that info. If we knew the weight, that would give us an idea of just how nimble it will be.
  • car3car3 Posts: 27
    Yeah I agree when Mazda does use something by Ford Mazda put's their own spin on it.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    Nobody know how much this thing's supposed to weigh?
  • fdannafdanna Posts: 263
    Can't really get specs for a car that isn't in production.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Mazda snubs the US and releases it only in Canada. It seems to be a small car trend.
  • joey2brixjoey2brix Posts: 463
    I think we're gonna have a 2.50 - $3/gal in some areas this summer. These companies would be crazy not to bring back small micro models to the market.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    The economy can't sustain gas prices of $2.50-$3.00 a gallon. If you do see prices that high, it would only be for a short period.
  • fdannafdanna Posts: 263
    On the plus side, even for a short period of time, high gas prices would mean certain death for Bush...mwahahaha

    But anyway, there's an article in Forbes magazine basically saying small cars will never catch on in the US. I think ford focus size is about as small as most people are willing to go.

    Personally, as long as it's roomy inside, I don't care about the small dimensions outside. I also don't believe a car the size of a focus should have a 2.3L engine. Suddenly, you've taken the fuel economy advantage and kicked it to the curb... so unless you're an enthusiast of smaller cars, suddenly a camry will give you the same fuel economy so why not get one (well except it's hideously boring).

    On that note, the proposed 2.0L engine in the Mazda MX-Micro *should* produce some respectible numbers in economy. It's a tad on the big side, but the car should be light enough to be thrifty.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    The 2.0 in the Micro should be an excellent compromise between performance and fuel economy. I think Mazda would be making a huge mistake not to offer it in the U.S.
  • 6thbeatle6thbeatle Posts: 180
    i guess you'll all have to pack up and move to canada then. look on the bright side, our beer is a lot stronger! :P
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