Electrical Problems - 2003 Grand Prix 3.8

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Problems started about 6 mo' s ago when interior door lights & map reading lights all came on during the daytime, and I couldn't get them to turn off. I disconnected map lights & removed bulbs from the door lights. I next noticed daytime running lights were no longer working, then no dash/cluster lights, clock will not hold time setting, and no tail lights, and no backup lights. Have to manually turn on headlights, but brake lights work fine. I checked every interior and under the hood fuse. They all checked out good. Does anyone know what is causing these problems?
The interior floorboards lights, heads-up speedometer light, stereo/CD player, heated driver seat, and rear window defroster all work fine.
I'm totally baffled about these electronic problems. Could an under the hood relay possibly be the problem? Please help.


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    Check all grounds and freshen connections from the battery. Body control module may affect several of the things you are having trouble with. 

    Look for what's shared in electrical circuit diagrams

    AutoZone Has some you can sign up for. Another source is bbdind.com or something similar to th hat. I'm not at home to check: Android phone is difficult for me. 

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