Remote Control Tranmitter Programming

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Battery recently replaced on main ignition/door key without problem but discovered spare key would not operate even though it's battery is in good shape. Never had to use the spare before and suspect it may need to be reprogrammed. Dealer cost for reprogramming is $55.00.
Tried to reprogram myself following "Customer remote control transmitter programming" in the Owner's Manual but without success.
Suspect the spare key may have belonged to another Outlander and switched at time of purchase.
Could this be the reason it won't reprogram?
Ideas anyone?


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    There may already be four keys learned. If so then someone will have to use a scan tool to delete some of themmand then you would be able to add a new one.
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    Sounds logical but a closer look at the manual says it's possible to register up to eight control transmitters.

    Manual also refers to it being necessary to register the key with both the "electronic immobilizer and the keyless entry system". The immobilizer procedure is titled "Customer Key Programming ( Except for vehicles sold in Canada)". Ugh!!!
    Being north of the border it looks as though I'm be stuck with reprogramming charges or continuing to rely on one key, although since the dealership appears to have supplied a duff spare key originally I've probably got a good case for having them make it right.
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    Well, that wouldn't be the first time that the information in the owners manual and what is found in the service information system don't match.
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