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Chevy Nomad

regfootballregfootball Member Posts: 2,166
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  • jms9jms9 Member Posts: 17
    I read on another board, and in Auto Express (not sure how credible) that the Chevy Nomad concept may be produced as a Saab.

    The magazine made the point that the Nomad resembles the 9-x concept, only smaller, and would look good as a Saab when the front clip is changed. One problem many Saab loyalists will have is that the Nomad is based on the RWD Kappa platform, while traditionally Saabs have had FWD. Of course with cars like the 9-2x and 9-7x coming out, this probably won't make much of a difference.

    I'm not sure how much I buy into the rumors of Saab making a version of the Nomad with only minor stylistic changes. However, I do believe they will come out with some kind of Kappa based car, probably a modern-day Sonnet. I have a feeling that any Kappa-based car Saab gets will almost certainly have more Saab character than the 9-2x or 9-7x.
  • logic1logic1 Member Posts: 2,433
    In fact, February R&T says this.

    But it would not be a Nomad. The styling is classic Chevy.

    I do hope the Nomad gets made. I could buy a Solstice for sunny days, and the Nomad for everything else. What a garage that would be.
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Member Posts: 1,986
    I'm with you, logic, but a two-GM garage? Haven't lived with one of those since my folks had the '65 Olds Ninety-Eight conv. and the '62 Caddy 62 conv. at the same time...

    Nomad and Chrysler's ME 4-12 are the only two show-stoppers from Detroit for me...
  • 6thbeatle6thbeatle Member Posts: 180
    judging by the scant number of posts in this forum, i'm guessing that the nomad will never see the light of day. too bad, really, because it would be a smokin' lil wagon. guess people will have to look elsewhere, like the legacy turbo wagon, the mini, or the mazda 3/6 wagon.
    maybe even the dodge magnum.
  • rob999rob999 Member Posts: 233
    I would rather see a full-size Nomad wagon built on the Monaro/GTO platform (preferred) or even the Impala platform. To me, the perfect Nomad would offer a combination of performance, handling and carrying capacity as a unique and fresh alternative to the countless SUV or minivan options. And please, not another fugly "crossover" mongrel either.

    Picture something you would want to load up with your surfboards or skis and take a major road trip in!

    I REALLY like the front end of the Nomad concept a lot, but I really think it would be more appealing with a longer wheelbase and a larger cargo area - like the original Nomad.
  • 6thbeatle6thbeatle Member Posts: 180
    i totally agree with you. as it stands now, the nomad is not big enuff to take 4 people and my guitar amp and snowboard. it needs to be bigger to be more practical. i love that light blue interior though--so kooool!
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Member Posts: 865
    I think there is a lot of interest, but people don't feel like speculating on a car that may or may not even be built.

    I would love to see it happen.
  • enygma6enygma6 Member Posts: 35
    I was at the Chicago Auto Show yesterday and had the chance to talk to the Chevy representatives who were stationed at the Nomad.
    They told me that it WILL be produced in two years (Solstice is next year, Nomad will follow after that. The Saturn Curve is still "just a concept")

    I very much like the styling on the Nomad, but two years is too long of a wait for me (I want it now!) and I doubt I'll still be in the market for something at that time. But then only time will tell. Hopefully the production styling will remain true to the concept, along with the turbocharger on the engine to keep it sporty.
  • 3871338713 Member Posts: 26
    According to, the Nomad has been given the green light. They also mention the possibility of an entry level Caddy, a Buick convertible, and a Chevy coupe. Could the Camaro be coming back?
  • 6thbeatle6thbeatle Member Posts: 180
    here's one person who wants to park a 2007 Camaro SS/RS beside his 2006 Mustang GT.

    C'mon, Chevy, you gonna let Ford hog the limelight all by itself? huh? huh? I dare ya!!
  • theo2709theo2709 Member Posts: 476
    Despite what TCC may tell you, the only official program on Kappa is the Solstice. Everything else is in flux.
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