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Help. Escort stalling.

lunashuman2lunashuman2 Member Posts: 9
edited January 2016 in Ford
WE JUST BOUGHT A 97 FORD ESCORT HAVE HAD IT LESS THAN A WEEK. it ran great. until Wednesday. we have ALREADY replace the fuel pump and the timing belt, water pump and timing uh pull thing. OH and the battery. All oem parts. YIKES. okay so here's what it's doing the evil thing it will crank and start for maybe 2 seconds. please give me the answer to this pos's problem. Also spark plugs and wires are good.


  • 93tracker5spd93tracker5spd Member Posts: 194
    Hello! I realize this is an older post, but just discovered it. A couple things you should check are the fuel pressure and pump relay, and maybe the ignition switch. It sounds like the switch is powering the fuel pump in the start position but not in the run position. check fuel pressure with key off, on, and in start, (cranking). Check power on the output side of the relay with key in all three positions as well. Good luck!
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