What Should I Do About New Passenger Door Ajar Message and Interior Lights On?

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Can't express my total frustration with GMC trucks right now. Been driving Chevy trucks and GMCs since the 1960s, but the electrical problems are driving me to Ford.

Today, got into my 2004 Sierra SLT 4x4 and the Passenger Door Ajar message was in the DIC and overhead lights would not go off. Checked all doors and there were none ajar. I've been reading about door switches and BCM being problems. I can't do the work myself and I don't have $500 to give to the dealer right now. I have to work 4 hours to pay him for one hour of labor. Geez. Bad luck.

Bought this truck new in Nov. 2003. Also my 2001 GMC Jimmy SLE 4x4, second owner, has an electrical problem where the entire instrument light cluster and compass/temp lights go out when I release the hand brake. When I turn off the engine and remove the key, the lights come back on. Can't drive it at night. I am so over GMC now and my 1978 Chevy went 326,000 miles when I traded it in 2003. Of course, that truck was held together, literally, with baling wire in places and not much worked. Engine was shot but transmission was still shifting. So, I stayed with GMC at that time.

Anyway, what do you guys suggest I do to try to fix the Sierra first. I can't catch a break with these "mechanics' dreams." I won't buy another GM vehicle. Too many electrical issues and they aren't easy or cheap to fix.


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    It doesn't have to go to the dealer. Top independent techs can handle this just fine.

    Top techs use a full scan tool like the GM TechII and it will display the switch inputs from the doors so the offending switch circuit can be quickly identified. Then its just the matter of diagnosing that circuit which may mean pulling the door panel off to access the switch and its circuit.
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    Do you any idea if the techs at AAA Automotive (a service of AAA) might have this equipment? I'll call them and start checking some other shops. It might have to wait if it doesn't cause more problems. Lights do go out after a few minutes with engine turned off, so shouldn't run down battery. My uncle once said, "Don't buy a car with a computer." That was before computers became cars!
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    The lights eventually going out is part of the BCM strategy, and yes they do that to try and protect the battery.

    I can't speak for AAA as to whether they have made the investment to have tooling at this level or not.
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