Looking for the quietest SUV with high reliability and bang for buck...

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Hi there -

We're in the market for a midsize or larger SUV that will be our third vehicle and will see only occasional use for road trips (family of four), carrying bigger items, etc. Our other two cars are plenty sporty and what we're looking for in this SUV is very different. The ideal SUV for us would (1) be totally quiet, (2) absorb bumps / road imperfections very well, and (3) be extremely reliable.

We don't really have a budget, but I like getting a lot for my money and I don't want to spend money on things that I don't value (performance, brand name, etc). I was thinking that instead of buying new, I'd look for something from 2014+, since it'll be a backup vehicle for us anyway. Three rows of seating aren't essential because we're only a family of four, but it wouldn't hurt to have that third row for the occasional time when we're also taking a friend of one of the kids or whatever.

Based on my research so far, a few of the options that seemed to be in the running are the Toyota Highlander, Acura MDX, and the Nissan Murano. From what I can tell, each of these are quiet/comfortable and also would have excellent reliability. I also was thinking about the Lexus RX but am concerned that it might have limited cargo room compared to those others; and I looked at the Honda Pilot but just don't like the styling.

Would love to hear what other would put as their top 3 (in order) based on the criteria mentioned above (i.e., focusing on quiet/comfort and reliability and not worrying about performance, brand name, etc).



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