2016 CX-5 GT Seat Comfort

2007santafese2007santafese Member Posts: 7
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Hi...I recently purchased a 2016 CX-5 GT and I am enjoying almost everything about the car w/the exception of the firm driver's seat. I am curious to know if other GT owners have found the seats to be firm, and if whether or not the leather / foam soften a bit (e.g. become more comfortable) over time. By contrast, our 2015 Odyssey has far softer seats, but the lumbar support is far more pronounced even when completely backed-off.

Thanks in advance for your help. I am dealing w/a bout of sciatica / high hamstring pain and I just want to be comfortable while driving.

Happy New Year!


  • korloppkorlopp Member Posts: 1
    First off, the seats are not leather so they will never soften. The bolsters on the sides are leather but the actual seating area is not. Second, I have sat on stadium benches that were more comfortable. Very sad since I love most everything about the car. I am having terrible back pain for the first time in my life and I blame my cx5. I complained the first day too and was told they would break in. I would love a solution that did not involve trading the car in
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