The new escape the "maverick"

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Living in detroit and having family who work for ford i get to see a lot of new things i just recently when i was at the Comerica Bank saw a new small SUV from ford called the Maverick i could of sworn it was a Escape cause it had the same body i think this might be the lincolns version of the escape maybe? I dont know it had the manufactures plate on it to.I wish i had a camera to show you a picture of it. Regardless i think the next generation car thats going to succeed the Escape will be called the Maverick this is kind of odd being that it should have an E name but thats what i saw


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    Maybe thats a Mercury version of the Escape.
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    The Maverick is the European version of the Escape. Don't know what it was doing over here. The Mercury version of the Escape (upcoming 2005) is the Mariner.

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    is a European version of the Ford Escape/ Mercury Mariner/ Mazda Tribute.
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    I know of at least one person on another Escape forum who described how he de-badged his Escape and re-badged it with Maverick emblems. Perhaps you saw his vehicle.
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    I suppose reviving the Maverick name in the Mercury division may not be wise yet, but it's probably a great name for the European version. I had forgotten about the Maverick as a name!
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    Why won't it be unwise to revive the name for Mercury? It fits the aliteration system Bill Ford is using for the brands.
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    Well, it's hard to find an original Maverick on the road today, so unless you're over 40, you probably won't know what it is anyway. Maybe you're right! Maybe it would work. I'd like it better than "Milan"..... Remember though, Mercury is becoming the "women's division of Ford" with Elena Ford in charge, and Maverick may not sell to the softer gender.....
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    was a ford, not a mercury, to start with. otoh, mercury maverick? might work, but doubt it, mercury owners aren't ususally mavericks.
    they might have started driving in one, though. :)
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    When I married my wife, she had a Mercury Comet, the Mercury version of the Maverick. I think the revival of the Maverick name has been suggested due to alliteration only. The last Maverick was made in 77, so maybe it's been long enough to bring it back as a Mercury this time.

    The Zephyr is being considered as a new Lincoln, more than that, I think they're gonna build it. It was a name that started out as a cheap Lincoln. But in the 80's it became a Mercury. Now it's going to be a Lincoln again. The names can cross over division lines I guess.
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