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Chevrolet Malibu Meet the Owners



  • madmaxxmadmaxx Posts: 44
    I pick up my Galaxy Silver Maxx LS tomorrow. This vehicle replaces my 87 Accord Hatchback--I prefer hatchbacks for their versatility. The only option on the window sticker was the floor mats. I've ordered splash guards for the front and back at dealer cost of $31/set.
    MSRP $22,305
    Negotiated Price: $19,799
    Rebates -5,500
    Net Price $$14,299
    Thinking of getting WA personal plate "MADMAXX".
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    another happy maxx owner.....sounds like you got a great deal as well....nice plate...MAXX-FUN here.....
  • Welcome from Long Island! Our Maxx is plated "MAXXIMUM" courtesy of the NYS DMV
  • madmadammadmadam Posts: 55
    We live in Queens but we're often out at Atlantic Beach. I have only seen one other MAXX--a silver one in Queens. I am also stumped as to why our car isn't selling--it's such a great car for families. Mine is Light Driftwood--give me a honk if you see me!
  • Hi, My name is Alex. Im 20 years old and I picked up my Maxx about a month ago. I had looked at the Maxx at NYIAS, as well as test drove the car. I was surprised that this car had so much low end torque, and quality is much higher then past GM cars. So I went into the dealer and put pen to paper!
    I got a 2004 Malibu Maxx LS in Black with the 2 tone grey interior with metalic trim. Gave it that sporty feel I guess? Im not too into "wood".
    I wanted a cool little 5dr hatch, and Chevy pulled through! Good thing, because I coudldnt see myself in a Vibe! That Toyota motor is worthless, IMO.
    Anyway, I love my Maxx! Good handling, good power, and good style. Im very impressed with GM. I would like to see that SS model with teh 3.9 V6 and 6spd manual.
    Has anyone tried to make a seperate web site dedicated to Maxx owners?
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    Alex: as one who owns both cars, I do think the Maxx is far superior to the Vibe. I do like the Vibe, and the engine should last a long time.
    As for the website, is one of the great success stories in having someone build a website and having owners share their Vibe lore. I encourage you to take on the role of Maxx Master, and build us a site.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867

    here is my website I set up to for my maxx FYI....I will look into where I can set up a chat space as well..outside this is the issue of course...cheers and enjoy the new maxx
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    We would be happy to set up a chat for you here in the Town Hall! Respond here or send me an email and I'll see what can be set up.

    Edmunds Manager UGC Click on my screen name to send a personal message. Need help navigating? Check out Getting Started in Edmunds Forums.
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  • Hi Karen -
    I, for one, would enjoy a chat area, but with so few Maxx owners out there, would there be enough demand to warrant the space? One can only hope!
  • paopao Posts: 1,867

    would like to see a chat area set up as well..with our small but growing Maxx owners here..let us know
  • Hello, Madmadam -

    With respect to the sales of the new Malibu, I think sales are reasonable for a first year.

    GM reported Malibu sales of 23,979 units in July, and 90,133 units from January - July (see GM Press Release of 3 Aug 04).

    Just for fun, I did some predictions based on historical data, and here is what I have:

    Based on all months, annual sales are predicted at 183 thousand units. Based on July results, annual sales are predicted at 288 thousand units. Using a more realistic three and two month basis, then predicted sales are 207 thousand and 237 thousand, respectively.

    I have also noticed that the Malibu Classic is reported separately, so these numbers appear to be Malibu and Maxx sales only.

    My personal belief that the reason you don't see many Malibu's on the road is that we're distributing less than 100 thousand units across a land inhabited by 300+ million people. There are several in the small backwater region I live (northwest Illinois - a long way from Chicagoland).

    As word gets out about how good this car really is, then I think more people will move to it.

    Interesting note on the sales figures - in July, the Impala sold 23,976 units to the Malibu's 23,979! I wonder if Malibu sales are pulling Impala customers??

  • madmadammadmadam Posts: 55
    Thanks Fan--I have noticed a few Impalas in my area. I sure hope the MAXX builds a following. It's a wonderful car and has much to offer a wide range of consumers.
  • I just got my car back yesterday after the dealer having it for three fix the tranaxle or something.(there is a bulletin on this..noisy steering column at accelerating)..I really didnt understand what they were doing..thank goodness I have a mechanic for a husband that knew what they were doing....I also brought up the rough idle again and ONCE AGAIN (third time)....they could find nothing wrong!!! SOMETHING IS WRONG..the car is still idling rough. What do we do...we are paying good money for these cars...they shouldnt run like 10 year old cars! If anyone has any advice please let me know. Should I contact Chevy and let them know that I am not happy with thier car????
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    bonnie.....the old saying the squeeky wheel gets the oil applies..send an email to the Chevy customer assistance center or call them 1-800-222-1020, complain and look into lemon laws as they apply to your state. I called the center on the rear sun shades..certainly not as significant as your complain and they followed up with the dealer and spoke specifically with the service manager...I was very happy with their assistance...give it a try
  • I did that FIRST thing this morning! Thank you for the advice! I will keep you posted on the outcome!!!!
  • My previous car was a Chrysler LeBaron. With my last job, I hardly drove even 5K miles per year. Then I started a new job that required a longer commute. In a matter of one year, the old LeBaron started giving up the ghost. I did get 185,000 out of it. Started shopping around. My father recommended the Malibu, so I visited the local Chevy dealership and my current Chrysler/Dodge dealership. I narrowed my choices down to Malibu, Cavalier, Dodge Neon and Dodge Stratus. I'm a big guy with a long torso, so I eliminated the two compact cars, and finally decided on the Malibu because I liked the ride better than the Stratus. That was in February 2000. I put about 26,000 miles per year on my car. I love my Malibu despite some recent headaches with the fuel system. I took a drive to Chicago last year and averaged over 35 mpg. My weekly commuting I average from 28 to 29 mpg. My only reoccuring complaints thru the four years has been the car seems to not like the wind too well - I attribute that to the lighter weight of the car than my last car. Also, the gas guage is not reliable, therefore I rely on my trip-odometer to determine when to fill-up. I call myself bryan200k because I always target to get about 200,000 miles out of a car. My Malibu has 112,000 and I'm planning to keep it till it hits 200K in about 3.5 years. My son starts driving in less than 3 years and he has already decided that he wants a Malibu Maxx.
  • tehutitehuti Posts: 7
    Larry Brown, Fullerton CA. I purchased my Malibu Maxx LS yesterday 8/28/2004 and I have exactly 100 miles on it. To tell you the truth, I had never even considered a Chevrolet as my car of choice, but on a recent visit to St. Louis I had a Malibu Classic as a rental and realized how much I liked it. Since I was in the market for a new vehicle I added the Malibu to the list and found out that it met my budget perfectly.

    I decided on the Maxx just the other day. While doing my car shopping last week I went in to take a look at the Malibu LS sedan. But since they didn't have any V6s with a sunroof I took a Maxx for a spin.

    Sold! I researched the color I wanted online, found a dealer that had the exact vehicle I wanted, went to them yesterday and closed the deal.
  • Well I got a response back from CAC (Chevy Assistance Center)...and guess what? They agree with the Dealer that there is NOTHING wrong with my car....and in other words "LIVE WITH IT". Boy am I P*****! How can they agree with the dealership when they haven't even seen my car. This is a brand new car and shouldnt have the rough idle....what do I know next? Anyone have any suggestions? I am paying good money for this car and I hate having to use the air all the time because the car idles too rough to enjoy having the sun roof open (it idles rough when I come to complete stops). I appreciate any assistance in this matter. Thanks!
  • tfbrtfbr Posts: 4
    I just purchased 04' Malibu LS/1SA earlier this week after reading virtually every related post on on this website! I spent about 8 hours, but it was time well spent...I am very grateful for the timely input and even more grateful that I bought this car!

    I wanted to thank all who took the time to share their experience, and Edmunds for hosting this site, and I hope my feedback is equally beneficial to prospective owners. Reading these posts helped immensely to allay first-year model concerns. Even though I know all vendors do exhaustive testing, a re-engineered vehicle hasn't stood the test of time, and conventional wisdom is to wait for the bugs to get worked out. But the flip side is that early adopters get to take advantage of the latest engineering, and by all reports the first year issues have been minimal and typical, and the changes for 2005 are minimal. Of course there are probably non-showstopper tweaks for 2005 that we don't know about, but those we know about are minimal. I also didn't have the luxury of waiting, and the deals (at least $5500 in rebates thru 9/7 in my area) were too good to pass up.

    The only issue I encountered was the well-documented rotor vibration while braking, especially hard braking over 30 MPH, e.g., while exiting a highway ramp. Sounds like an issue any new vehicle might have, but in any case, after several aggressive stops the vibration is barely noticeable, and then only if I'm paying close attention to it -- in my opinion it is a non-issue (a helpful recent post advised new brakes can benefit from a particularly aggressive stop to "bed" them in).

    Knowing this ahead of time gave me assurance when I encountered it during the test drive before I took delivery. I also specified a May '04 or later build date. The dealers' car locator software shows the days the vehicle has been on a lot, so it was easy to find a newer vehicle. I did this to avoid a minor and correctable transmission issue some owners reported on this site.

    It is assuring to know that like-minded and concerned owners have this forum to share their experience and to get help. Several members appear to have GM connections or just very adept at getting inside information, e.g., Pao and E2Helper, but all seem willing to go the extra mile for those requesting feedback.

    I only have about 300 miles but I can already report back that this car is remarkably smooth and well engineered. I considered the 1SB upgrade, and while the add-ons were tempting, I've been pleasantly surprised with the base model features, which include a nice sound system, alloy wheels, rear sunroof, and traction control.

    I have owned and/or have close relatives where I've had significant experience with Toyotas (Corolla and Camry) and Hondas (Civic and Accord). When recently confronted with the need to replace my dying Ford Windstar with a sedan, these foreign makes, which are perennial review leaders (even on this site), were obvious considerations. But the great rebates caught my eye, and the test drive and owner reviews on this site sold me. My entire experience, from the marketing brochure CD, to to the no-pressure salesman, was a pleasure. I test drove a Buick Century just to check out the ride, but it lacked the tight, responsive feel of the Maxx.

    I have a word of encouragement for the owners that have had issues, and to future owners (perhaps myself!) who have the unfortunate occasion to experience an unresolved issue. At 48 year, I've owned perhaps a dozen vehicles in my lifetime. While it is unfortunate and disconcerting to learn your major investment is flawed in some way, in retrospect I've fretted about "minor" issues (even a little rattle can seem major!) only in retrospect to see that this was a complete waste of my valuable time and energy. Sure, do the due-diligence, take the issues to the next level if you don't get responsive help, but realize that no car is perfect, especially a first year version, and to demand perfection will just make you and others miserable... it ain't gonna happen until the next life.... assuming you get to Heaven!

    Also, if you do complain, be do so in an optimistic, civil way that doesn't imply a lack of integrity by GM or it's employees... from the engineers on down to the techs. If not, you may win your battle, but nobody will go out of their way in the future to help someone who has beat them up! Frustration is understandable, but there is a tactful way to be persistent to gets results without YELLING (which all caps indicate) and crying "foul". Of course sometimes vendors deserve righteous indignation and need to be called out, but be sure your situation is part of a pattern that is being willfully neglected over a considerable period of time before getting contentious, either online or in person. I've not seen any indication that the Maxx is problematic... quite the contrary. So if you are reading my post, and perhaps have read about posted problems, be sure to take them in the overall context, which is overwhelmingly positive, even among the complainers! Also, if you are posting, realize the written word is powerful, and ill-considered comments cannot be retracted. They can cause vendors needless angst and loss of business from prospective buyers who may take a comment out of context.

    My co-worker recently shared with me that he traded in his Honda Odyssey (if you read the reviews you'd think this vehicle was perfect) after protracted issues with front end problems, and I had a new Toyota Corolla with acceleration hesitation that bothered the heck out me... the vendor issued an upgrade kit to correct the problem, but it made it worse, and I wished I'd lived with the original issue, which was barely noticeable to begin with. My point? Almost all vehicles have some issues, and I wasted valuable time fretting about them rather than just movin' on, which I would've and should've done if I simply had given them time.

    Sorry to ramble... but if you've read this far and you are seriously considering the Maxx, my advice is to run, don't walk, to buy it!
  • tfbrtfbr Posts: 4
    Bonnie -- if you read my latest (and only) post you might think I'm directing my comments soley at you and that I'm minimizing your situation. I'm not. When I composed my comments I didn't even realize it would be positioned immediately after yours, which I read last week, until I re-read your request for assistance by viewing recent comments. I know how emotional a car purchase is, and that *any* problem is aggravating, especially one where an immediate resolution isn't in sight.

    However, a GM manager or exec that may be monitoring this site, IMHO, will be more accommodating to you if simply and calmly take the process to the next level (yes, easy for me to say when I don't have the problems you are having, and you don't know what that "next level" is, but still true in my experience with similar situations).

    I looked up your initial posts from June 24th regarding the idle problem when you only had 300 miles (probably less than a tank full of gas... bad gas could've been the culprit at that point) and it sounded like you were already despairing! Even though the problem still isn't resolved, and your latest response from GM wasn't helpful, it is early to be up in arms. I've had similar issues with other vehicles and over time a reputable vendor (which I believe GM to be) will take appropriate steps.

    One thing you might try to do the next time you take it to the dealership is to arrange for an A-B comparison (with the service manager present), where you both listen side-by-side of your vehicle and some new ones on the lot. This should provide an objective test. If there truly isn't anything wrong with your car, then the idle condition shouldn't vary significantly. I don't recall if your problem was intermittent, in which case this might be more difficult to do, but I hope this helps.
  • Tfbr-
    Thanks for your input. And you are right No I dont know what the next level is!!! I realize that someone from GM or someplace may be monitoring this website..and I would hope they would be more than happy to help me out. Please do not get me wrong. I am not putting CHEVY down.(or trying not to)..I love my car...all besides the rough idle and I guess because of the money that I am paying for the car I guess I just want it to be perfect! Thanks again for everyones input with this.
  • Try a different dealer.

    My experience with a "problem" on my 2004 Malibu was as follows:

    The dealer applied window tint to the rear window. This is SOP for all vehicles they sell.
    The 2004 Malibu, with both a defogger and an antenna in the rear window, thus gets a third conductor. The window tint, a third conductor, allows the defogger to short to the antenna. This enables the antenna to add interference from the ignition system to the AM radio output. That's a cute trick if you don't have a tachometer, but listening to the spark plugs while trying to get my daily programming from Rush lacks efficiency.
    Anyway, I took it to another dealer first to diagnose the problem. They told me that the tint was shorting the antenna to the defogger, and that removing the tint would be the solution. The tint was not a factory item, so they would not remove the tint without charging me a fee. They recommended that I take the car to the original dealer and have them remove the tint.
    I took the car to the original dealer and told them my story. They disagreed, as in their experience of putting tint on every car this complaint was unique. They decided to replace the rear window, which they did not have in stock. A week later, I took it back to the original dealer and got the brand new rear window, gratis, and another tint job. This did not stop the problem, which was that the AM radio reception was collecting interference from the ignition system. Finally, they admitted that maybe the tint was the problem, and they removed the tint. That fixed the problem. To me it was no cash lost, and only a little inconvenience. The original dealer was close to my workplace and the other dealer was close to my house.

    The original dealer is owned by an out-of-state corporation, and the other dealer is owned by the same family which started selling cars 80 years ago.

    If you do take your car to another dealer, simply present your complaint, and let them discover what the problem might be. Do not tell them your long story about previous dissatisfaction.

    If another dealer is too inconvenient to you, try this: Take your car back to your dealer and speak to the service manager. Politely explain that this new car idles rough. It shouldn't.

    Now, if you're coming to this Malibu after years of driving Lexus's, maybe you'll think it's rough. I don't and my 2003 Malibu and my 2004 Malibu with V-6 engines do not idle rough.
  • Well, my daughter drove her 2003 Malibu into a Suburban at very low speed. The Sub wasn't even scratched, but the Malibu needed over $2000 worth of repairs to replace the bumper, grill, light, hood, and assorted stuff. She's 18 now, and has learned to pay her insurance premiums and her deductibles. She's good to go.
  • Hey there Jeromeb-
    Thanks for your input. Believe it or not, I have been dealing with the Service Manager at the dealership...and he is the one saying that the rough idle is NOTHING. He believes that if a code does not come up on it...NOTHING is wrong with it. The idle is still there but I am just so tired of not having my car..I will wait until the car goes in for something else and bring up the ROUGH IDLE situation ONCE AGAIN!!!! Thanks again for your input. Greatly appreciated!
  • Congrats on the new MAXX jess33,

         I picked mine up 2 1/2 weeks ago and I think
    it may be the best car I have ever owned. I had a 2000 Malibu base model before and it went 80K miles without a hitch but with no bells and whistles. I got my loaded LS MAXX (remote start,
    1SB pkg, etc... in Navy Blue with neutral interior and beige pintripe. With the $3500 rebate, the GMAC $1000rebate, and the GM Supplier discount I bought a $23,185 stickered car for
    $16,700. They also did an extended warranty to 80K miles with a $100 deductable after 36K for $720 (12 bucks a month !) It is very fast, great riding and handling, and has all the bells and whistles I need. The room is incredible and the flexibility of the rear seating is ingenious.
    Hats off to Chevy for coming up with a true Accord and Camry killer, I always knew they could do it!
  • bh628bh628 Posts: 100
         I am considering buying a Malibu Sedan, LS, and would like to hear from current owners about the power adjustable pedals.
         I remember reading somewhere that a person had more vibration due to power adjustable pedals. I think it was on her Toyota. The service manager told her that she was getting vibration because the pedals aren't firmly attached to the car structure.
         Are you Malibu owners finding more vibration with/power adjustable pedals--especially on the highway? I have sciatica, and that could really lead to back pain for me.
         I would really appreciate your feedback! Thank you.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    he,he, he....never trust what a service manager tells, I have not had any problem with the pedals, nor can I understand the vibration issue.
  • Being a Virgo, Presbyterian, Scottish and a Professor ... where do think that my $$ will go?

    After over 40 years of car ownership and over 24 cars, mostly new, I'm still excited by learning new car stuff. Recent experiences tok us through Maxima, Toyotas (4), Lincoln, TBird, etc. It's been almost 20 years since my last GM, - so this year we bought a 2004 Impala LS and a Malibu LT(ISB). I drive the Pal and my wife drives the Bu, - I use it when I "may". I've done 24,000 kms this year and she's done 7.000, - so far, no big issues.

    My Toyota experiences were all great ... the cars, the dealer, the value. However, my testing, research and evaluations encouraged us to "go Chevy". And, we are truly impessed with these new products: the Pal for it's "everything-works-well" profile, and the Bu for it's "wow!" factor. Many of our peer group are surprized and then impressed ,, I think that many of them will seriously consider these cars,

    I really enjoy all your comments , - great reading, ...AND kudos to Karen, ... nice work!!
  • ssmaxxssmaxx Posts: 13
    i bought my maxx in June in Ohio i use it to travel between sanford Florida and brooklyn ny the car so far has been great its like have some one with you watching out . climate control xm traction signal light reminder auto lights wiper speed senseti radio speed sensitive dvd surround sound'comfterble seating headlights are supper bright yes my rear sun visor drove me nuts until i stuck the handle part in the slot they wher done.and the slight whine on the shift on hard exseleration itjust lets me know im getting on it which im not afraid to do iwish the doors locked themselves but i guess alot of pepole wouldn't like that but in brooklyn id like it.all in all its grate so far so ive named after my last great car a 10 sec 1971 chevelle SS with 454ci 450 hp vitar tranny 411 gears sunburt orange strips white interior my maxx is white with tan leather and yes now it has stripes check me at photo gallery. its a pleasure to meet you all between all of us well keep the maxxs getting better
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