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CES 2016 Preview: Data and Key Insights

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CES 2016 Preview: Data and Key Insights

Automotive innovations once again will take center stage at CES 2016, with over 100 automotive exhibitors — including nine major automakers. Attendees will be exposed to the latest in connected car developments, infotainment features, and other various aftermarket enhancements.

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    zythrynzythryn Member Posts: 2
    Could you clarify how you define "electric powered vehicles"?
    You noted that included pure EVs and plugin hybrids. What else is included? Standard hybrids? FCVs?
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    tecnamtwintecnamtwin Member Posts: 5
    edited January 2016
    Your claim includes PHEVs which skews the data as far as EV loyalty is concerned. People are buying EVs in unprecedented numbers despite the low gas prices. THAT is a FACT. The environment isn't the only reason to buy EVs either. EVs are smoother, have instant, linear torque, can be charged up cheaply and conveniently at home, emit no pollution whatsoever, are quiet, and frankly are nicer to drive and ride in. EVs have great performance with great efficiency, something that an ICE can never have. EV owners are quite loyal to them, but that doesn't mean EV owners don't have a use for a Ford F-150, Chevy Suburban, or Honda Odyssey.
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