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Weird noises and reverse issue

ddude132ddude132 Posts: 2
edited January 2016 in Jeep
I have an 05 Liberty with 93k miles on it. Recently I noticed there is a sort of squeaking noise as I accelerate. The faster I am going the more frequent the squeak. Haven't checked the bearings yet, I would like some kind of answer before I go picking apart my car and spending money.
Also I tried to go in reverse and as I turned the wheel to the right I heard a grinding sound and the car completely stopped as if something prevented it from moving. After a few more attempts I heard a popping sound and then it turned right in revere again. Any help would be nice.


  • Update: when I put it in 4WD (part time) turning right is difficult. Almost feels like the break is engaging itself. 
  • 93tracker5spd93tracker5spd North East Ohio USAPosts: 194
    Hello! I will begin this comment assuming that since you own a multi-wheel-drive vehicle, you are familiar with the differences between 4WD, ALL WD, and 4x4. So, if this is a true 4WD, I would say start by looking at the overrunning clutch system in the left front hub assembly. If however it is ALL WD, with traction control, then it sounds like the system is applying to much break to the left side, this would be a fault in the system. 4x4 on the other hand could be either of these problems or both, in which one is the result of the other. Of course, without having the vehicle to test, I cannot say anything with certainty. At any rate, it will require investigation into the components that seem to be failing you. Good luck.
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