GMC Acadia A/C and Heat Issue

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A few weeks ago we started to notice a sound coming from the dash...a sizzling or almost sleigh bell sound. Eventually, the heater and a/c stopped blowing the appropriate air temp from the passenger side. We took it to a local GM dealership and they checked it out and said they found no leaks and recharged the a/c system because it was low. It was a warm day, and when my wife brought the vehicle home, I tried the heat and it still was not functioning. We called the service point of contact and he said bring it back in the next day, that it sounded like an actuator needed replacing.

In the meantime, I researched online and found where this seems to be a common issue with the Acadia. I contacted GM customer service and they initially tried to argue that the sites where I had seen the complaints (such as this one) weren't official GM sites so that information wasn't valid. When I argued back, they finally provided me with a case number. We returned the vehicle to the service department the next day. I mentioned this to the service guy and he said they see the issue in Impalas all of the time, but rarely with other vehicles. To jump ahead, another $375 dollars and a replaced actuator later, the sizzle sound is much worse, the vehicle isn't heating or cooling properly on either side, and we are taking it back to the service department next week.

Even after the actuator was changed, the sizzling sound was still there. The service guy told my wife that was just Freon going through the system, which is obviously not accurate. Even if it was, I don't think it should be audible above the radio being played at a moderate level. I will be contacting GM again when their customer service lines open in a few minutes, but was hoping to get some additional information here on the issue as well as tips on how to deal with GM. The vehicle has 62,000 miles on it, so no warranty at this point.


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    Same car, same problem here. Very frustrating to be facing these major repairs.
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