Dodge Ram 2003, 1500 4.7l. Will not start. Replaced starter, solenoid, battery good.

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When I turn the key the dash lights and gauges come on. But nothing. No click of the starter sol. Engaging. When the starter was going bad you could turn the key a few times and it would catch and start. Last time this happened I turned the key more than a few times and you could hear the starter sol. Engage but then it stopped. And made no noise. Now after replacing the starter and starter sol. Relay it still makes no noise when I turn the key. Did I mess something else up by turning the key so many times(maybe 15 times)???


  • 93tracker5spd93tracker5spd North East Ohio USAMember Posts: 194
    Hello! If all worked before and all you did was change the starter and relay, it should now work again. Use a meter to see if there is power from the battery to the input side of the solenoid, if there is at least 12.5 volts there then the solenoid is not functioning. If there is no power there, look for another fuse, relay or fusible link that may be blown. The only other scenario I can think of is that the ignition switch or anti theft system may be malfunctioning. Simply turning the key against a non functioning system would not cause damage. Good luck.
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