VW Passat Possessed?

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A couple months ago my VW Passat started locking itself and sounding the horn spontaneously, and now it is rolling down the windows randomly as well. My key isn't in the ignition when this happens. I got locked out once which was annoying, but now the windows rolling down make it a security issue and I really don't want the windows down in a parking lot during the next snowstorm. The heater quit working last week, too.

The car is only 2 years old and the dealership said they can fix the heater but they aren't sure what would be wrong with the spontaneous horn/window/locking problems.

Anyone have experience with this? I really don't want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars guessing and replacing things. My Googling has suggested problems with the door lock or the comfort control module.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm not a car expert and after the dealership shrugged its shoulders, I feel really helpless.


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    The drivers door window switch can operate the windows with the key off, but while its plausible that does not mean that is what is going on. How frequently does this happen? Does weather appear to be a factor such as is it raining when it occurs? Do you have a sunroof? When the central locking module used to be under the seat, it was common to get water leaks and that could drown that module and you would get some really strange behaviors. But that module is under the dash on your car, not under the seat.

    Where are your keys when this is going on? Have you ever tried pulling the batteries to see if the problem stops occurring?
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