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DVD Seek

reddackelreddackel Member Posts: 2
edited January 2016 in Toyota
Hi Everyone,

My overhead DVD player used to get a DVD stuck in it every once in a while. It would "hold on to" the DVD when one tried to eject it and it would get stuck half-way in, half-way out. This happened the other day again. The fix always was to give the player a gentle whack. Well, I whacked it, hit eject again, and the DVD released from the player's grip and came out. Then, I reinserted another DVD, it wouldn't play, and the words on the display were "DVD Seek". Help! Has anyone had these issues and know how to fix? My feeling is the player is broke and if so, I'm looking to purchase a replacement and self-install. Is this complicated - to drop the ceiling unit and replace? I've never done it. Or, could this be a fuse issue? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

2009 Toyota Sienna XLE, sunroof installed,
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