1999 GMC steering problems

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I purchased my 99 sierra K1500 in April and now
have racked up 17,700 miles and have been noticing
a funny feeling in the steering system. The
steering system feels like it has play in it and I
can hear a slight knocking noise coming from the
steering column. I have asked my dealer about this
and the service manager says it's normal. Even I
know better than that. The problem is getting real
aggravating, anybody out there know how to fix?
Also does anyone out there know how to get the
1,000 dollar certificate from the saddle tank
settlement. There doesn't seem to be anyone in
Northern Cal. who knows anything about this


  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Member Posts: 1,006
    Hey bobalou,
    I see your alive and well, old man (yeah right!) : ) I hear say those shaky shivies be givin' you all some trouble now. Guess that shivy factory don't advertise about all dem problems you all be having. Sorry bout dat now. Just remember when you want a real dependable truck...buy yerself a good ol' Tindra. See ya in the Welcome Tundra III topic....boy!
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Member Posts: 1,006
    I not be givin' my money fer no shivy built in bangledesh now. Dem airconditioners blow heat and da heaters blow deadly fumes. The gas tanks be explodinin' if you looks at em wrong. I hear tell da factry be suppressen' truth and statixical evidence. Many a shivy widow from dem explodin sliver doo doos an brake failure. Hear say shivy metal be extra thick on a count it rust through so quick an dat frame folds up like a cheap lawnchair. Now I not be trying to offend, just stating da plain facts. What say on dis latest truths?
  • unixgodunixgod Member Posts: 91
    I drove one of your tindra's and thats exactly what it is. The sheetmetal is so thin on it that the hood bounced up and down from the wind blowing under the hood. I nearly thre the hood over the top of the truck expecting it to be "normal strength and weight" when I opened the hood.

    It had a fairly smooth and zippy engine, but so does the Silverado. Sure doesn't instill confidence to withstand any kind of impact though.
    Nice car with a bed is how I describe it best.

    For 2k less, I got a fully loaded truck with some real meat to it and far more available options than the Tindra.

    Theres not even an under the hood courtesy light.
    How cheap can you get?
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Member Posts: 1,006
    Best to have that repair light up under the shiv hood, you be needed it alot now! I hearsay the factory spent all dem quality reseach dollars on puttin' dem lights under dat heavy, potmetal, mexican built hood. What say on dis latest undisputeabul truths? Now don't take no offense, I just repeatin' the facts dat trucksferme is saying.
  • artpartp Member Posts: 156
    Chevy's need a light under the hood since they require 24/7 work. You'll see soon enough. I see this is your first Chevy truck. It'll probably be the last if it's the one in three that turn into a lemon.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    The Toyota quality manager responsible for the pip-squeaking ferret horn and the drum shoes figures you don't know what you're seeing, so no need for under-hood light.
  • unixgodunixgod Member Posts: 91
    You show your own stupidity. Theres no need to respond further. Its obvious you don't have a need for a real truck.
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Member Posts: 1,006
    Now don't be gettin' all flustered like a hen in a coop full o' roosters. We be trying to educate not frusrate. Now I see there be a topic on faulty sierra under the hood lites. How you gonna see to fix dat der shiv engine if yer lite don't even work. Now, I be liking dat shiv and I says to buy it no matter how nasty bad it be breakin'. This not from me, I just tellin the tell dat trucksinme tells.
  • leathal02leathal02 Member Posts: 114
    under my hood, so i can look at my georgeous engine of mine. especially my VORTEC imprint on it
    at least i can see an engine in mine unlike most trucks these days(ford)
    '99 5.3 Z-71
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Member Posts: 1,006
    Does your screen name mean Deadly Oxygen?
  • leathal02leathal02 Member Posts: 114
    hell is that supposed to mean?
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Member Posts: 1,006
    Sorry, I forgot your a chev owner. Let me spell it out for you:
  • aaron_aaaron_a Member Posts: 29
    so he was pretty deadly at age 02?
    Humm now this could get interesting....
  • leathal02leathal02 Member Posts: 114
    we appear to have some morons in the room

    everybody duck and cover!!!

    or in your case, get a gas mask
  • unixgodunixgod Member Posts: 91
    What would you expect from a bunch of yuppies who buy 4X4 trucks to haul their groceries and cricket gear?

    They never even use their trucks for anything a truck is used for. They also can't prove their reliability theories because they never keep one long enough to know themselves.

    They could meet all their 4X4 and payload needs with a yugo.
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Member Posts: 1,006
  • aaron_aaaron_a Member Posts: 29
    Yuppie? and what the heck is Cricket gear anyway? just kidding. I am far from a Yuppie thanks.
    Do I use my truck, you bet I do, for hauling all sort of things, 1/2ton of sand, gravel, flood rock, plants, brick, lanscaping stuff... and moving stuff acound, I baught a new home and someone has to landscape it...
    Live a little and laugh once in a while.. and for goodness sakes STAY AWAY from Unix...
    But I also haul groceries too.. So what your point?
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