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All-New 2017 GMC Acadia SUV Unveiled: 2016 Detroit Auto Show |

Lower, lighter and smaller, the all-new 2017 GMC Acadia debuted today at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show.

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  • threxxthrexx Member Posts: 42
    The 1st generation Acadia will have been out for 10 full years by the time this new 2nd gen goes for sale. That's a surprisingly long time between redesigns for a company as big as GM and a model as successful as the Acadia/Traverse/Enclave.
    Anyway, I'm shocked that the new 3.6L V6 only gets 17/25. The previous generation has been rated 17/24 since the 2009 model year. This new model weighs 700 pounds less, has a way smaller profile to push against the wind, and surely has seen other aerodynamic and efficiency related upgrades compared to the decade old design it's replacing. At least it makes a little more power, and there's always the 4-cylinder for people who really care, but just looking at the numbers I would have been positive there'd at least be a ~2 mpg improvement in the city.
  • fzafar0926fzafar0926 Member Posts: 1
    I am glad to see GM make a product that’s keeping up with the times.
    The 310 HP V6 should be able to move this 2nd generation Acadia much quicker since it weighs 700 pounds less.
    The safety tech look amazing!
  • lazlotothlazlototh Member Posts: 2
    The V6 has shockingly poor gas mileage for today's type of buyer, while the four-cylinder is too gutless to be considered by most buyers. On top of that, the thing is freaking ugly, with a mishmash of conflicting exterior design cues complementing a surprisingly dated looking and overly fussy interior. Why is GM so completely unable to design a desirable vehicle?
  • metalmaniametalmania Member Posts: 167
    I don't see where the V6 is "shockingly poor gas mileage" compared to what the Acadia's listed competition is. I just did a quick lookup here on Edmunds for the Ford Explorer V6 FWD: 17/24, Honda Pilot V6 FWD: 19/27, Toyota Highlander 4 cyl FWD: 20/25 and V6 19/25. Those are all just about the same except for the Pilot, which if Edmunds long termer is any indication doesn't actually get anywhere near those results. The Highlander 4 cylinder only beats the V6 version by 1 mpg in the city. I'm not saying that these are great or even good mpg numbers for what we'd hope for in 2016, but they are what they are and the Acadia is right in the same range as the rest of them. I wouldn't be surprised if the 4 cylinder falls short of its mpg estimates too, as I suspect it'll be working very hard to move this amount of mass - and feel overwhelmed doing it. In real world results it will probably post numbers closer to the V6.

    As for the rest of it - I dunno, it's nice enough looking inside and out but I don't think that sweep up at the C pillar does it any favors. I'm not sure downsizing it was the right thing to do - being a little bigger differentiated it from the pack, now it's more "me too" vs the rest. Being GMC, it's probably going to be stupid expensive too. I guess we'll see a new Traverse and Enclave soon.
  • Texas_DriverTexas_Driver Dallas, TXMember Posts: 3
    Yea, and it is a shame... What really made the Traverse/Acadia/Enclave stand out was their size.

    I owned a 2011 Ford Explorer Limited but it was too small for my family, I looked at the Acadia Denali, but it lacks the technology of the explorer (Adaptive Cruise Control, collision warning, etc.).

    The ONLY thing the Acadia was really missing was the technology from Ford. Now it has it, but lost all the space. This would have been an instant purchase for me, had they left it the same size as before. Now why bother? Just get a Highlander/Explorer/etc.

    The size shrink is not minor, I think that is a misstep on their part, it takes away the one thing that was special about it. But that is my opinion, sales will tell the tale.
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