trd locker fix

katsohiskatsohis Member Posts: 83
i got so sick of everyone crying about not being
able to use the locker unless you are in 4 -low so
i found away around that,just unplug the blue
connector on the drivers side of the transfer case
and jump the female side of the plug together,walla
now you can use the locker anytime!


  • unixgodunixgod Member Posts: 91
    Yeah. You just voided that 60k mi warranty also.

    You still have to engage the locker. Its not automatic and it is still only good for speeds up to 5 mph.

    What improvement does your gimmick make?????
  • katsohiskatsohis Member Posts: 83
    first of all if i have to go to the dealer for any warranty work i would simply just connnect it back up!no biggy takes about 10 seconds.what do you mean about still having to engage the locker,you just push the button to engage it.jumping the plug just "fools" the system into thinking it's in 4-low.
  • unixgodunixgod Member Posts: 91
    What I mean is that the locker on Tacomas only works while in 4wd. Even if you bypass having to have the truck in 4wd to use, the clutch still throws it out of lock once you pass 5 mph. What good is a locker at 5 mph and below?
  • katsohiskatsohis Member Posts: 83
    yo where are you getting your info from anyways??the clutch has nothing to with the rear end,besides i already tested mine with the switch jumped and it works at all speeds!and i could think of plenty of reasons to use the locker below 5 mph but i don't go offroading.
  • tistevetisteve Member Posts: 142
    From what I understand, the 5mph limit is because of the tremendous stress put on the rear end if you try to turn at higher speeds(while locked) Someone posted about an old John Deere tractor that had a locking rear end and it threw a wheel off because they tried to turn while climbing out of a ditch.
    I hope you don't cause some serious(expensive) damage to your truck.
  • unixgodunixgod Member Posts: 91
    I'm takking about the clutch plates in the rear end locker, not the clutch you shift your transmission with. Geez, do you Yoda boy's even know anything about trucks or 4X4?

    You may "think" your locker is working at all speeds, but you are fooling yourself. The clutch works like a centrifuge. Once the rear is turning at a certain speed, i.e. 5 mph and greater, the clutch disengages the locker and no more locking differential. Its a mechanical disengage, not electrical.

    tisteve: You also are correct about your post. One "does" need to be careful in turns with a locker engaged. However the locker is mainly used in slippery, i.e. water, ice, conditions on a straight course and people who know how to use them won't try such a thing. It won't throw a wheel off, but can damage your rear differential if you don't use it as it's designed, but thats same with any type of equipment. Use it as its designed or pay the price in a repair bill.
  • katsohiskatsohis Member Posts: 83
    i went down to my local toyota dealer to look at a
    exploded view of the trd rear end and there is no clutches in there at all!i don't know where you are getting this info from but it's wrong.once it's in locked mode it's a true posi traction rear end.the electric motor on the rear end slides
    a splined coupler connecting both axles together
    and it will stay engaged at all speeds so iguess my little mod works after all huh?.......
  • unixgodunixgod Member Posts: 91
    Somebody snowed pretty hard whatever they told or showed you. I will find the proof and post it when I do. My info came from one of the Ivan Stewart teams articles, not a Salesman on commission.
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Member Posts: 1,352
    It is a true mechanical locker that is activated by air as opposed to a solenoid which sounds like what the Toyota uses. I have one on my '69 Bronco which is under construction. Mr. Uniknowitall, it has no clutches. The only reason I can think of for limiting speed on a true locker besides axle binding around corners is the vehicle will tend to understeer(push) very badly and cause novice drivers to run into things because of momentary lack of steering. I believe it to be a liability thing. By the way Toyota owners the A.R.B. system is about $600 so while a locker may be a great feature to some it's easily obtainable for most vehicles.
  • katsohiskatsohis Member Posts: 83
    nope i looked at it for myself and being a auto tech for 15 years now i think i know what i'm looking at ok? plus i tried mine on some wet pavement the other night and sure enough it worked way over 5 mph,infact just to be sure i spun the truck around with no problem and it shurly would not do that with single track!it is definetly true posi when locked because the tires
    skip when you take a turn on pavement.and yes at all speeds i checked!the proof is in the truck and you don't own one so how can you say these things?
  • katsohiskatsohis Member Posts: 83
    i went into the parts dept. myself to look the you realy thing i would ask a stupid salesman this questuion?they don't even know anything about these things! i had to school the guy who sold me my truck!he didn't know crap about these trucks......
  • unixgodunixgod Member Posts: 91
    any research yet to validate my point. However katsohis, I think Ivan Stewart has just a little more knowledge on the topic than you do.
  • katsohiskatsohis Member Posts: 83
    i know what my truck does and thats the bottom line.i took it off road this weekend to test it out,believe me the rear will not slip when in locked mode nor will it disengage either untill i unlock it with the button.
  • ckitchensckitchens Member Posts: 67
    You guys may just have jumped one up on the car magazines. They said this thing was limited to 5MPH due to potential drivetrain damage. Wonder what that could/will be? But, wonder why the manufacturer limits it to 5MPH. Maybe if you need more - you should be looking aftermarket.
  • chevytrucks4mechevytrucks4me Member Posts: 8
    If you need more, buy it from the start. Buy the truck you need for your purpose to begin with. If the Tacoma is that truck, fine. If not, more of an off road truck. The domestics make several good ones to choose from.
  • chevytrucks4mechevytrucks4me Member Posts: 8
    That wasn't suppose to be a slam on the Tacoma.
  • y2ktrdy2ktrd Member Posts: 81
    who said anything about needing more?????
    i am totally happy with my tacoma and also the last one i had too.
  • ckitchensckitchens Member Posts: 67
    I congratulate Toyota for bringing a locking rear to the original purchaser. But - it really is limited. In my mind, this TRD thing may be more of a selling gimmick than a real-life, off-road reality. Have you really taken this thing seriously off-road? Maybe it works well, probably does. But, a stronger engine (V-8)
    and serious after-market components - locking rear and probably front too - tend to make a serious off-roader. In my mind - the new Jeep Grand Cherokee is unsurpassed in terms of taking it from the factory and really using it. If you seriously need a pick-up that is to be taken off-road, well - there are bound to be compromises. Still not sure why anyone would want such a "limited" locker - wondered that from the beginning of the magazine articles.
  • scape2scape2 Member Posts: 4,124
    I will tred lightly here because I have been classified as a Tacoma hater. I have read in other internet rooms that the locker disengages also after 5mph. This is a safety item Toyota put in so folks would not bind their axles and so on..
    I have read it then opens into and Open axle.
    Kat, you may be doing some serious damage to your rear axle not not even know it, yet. Toyota mechanics will find out your bypass trick and you will be stuck with a hefty bill. Think about it, Why Toyota only limits the locker to 5mph? 4low? ect...
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Member Posts: 861
    And you said you stopped doing that. Shame on you.
  • y2ktrdy2ktrd Member Posts: 81
    i'm only going to say this one more fricken time,
    they just put that warning there so your average
    bozo won't drive around with it engaged.oh and my little "fix",well if i ever have to go back to the
    dealer (wich i dought)i just put it back to stock
    in about 10 seconds........woopee.the only stress
    to the rearend while locked would be on dry pavement.i just wanted to be able to use my locker anytime i wanted to have a little fun in the snow and stuff,it's a simple mod so thats why i did it and yes it works at all speeds trust me!
  • rsmtomrsmtom Member Posts: 28
    Figured I'd go ahead and add my vote here....The TRD locker DOES NOT disengage itself above 5mph. Toyota is trying to ensure conservative use of this feature. True lockers can heavilly stress axles--you HAVE to know what you're doing with one. They are not for idiots bashing around off-road at high speeds. Like 4Lo (if you have it--some 4X4's don't these days), lockers are meant for slow speed use in difficult situations. The TRD locker IS NOT a marketing gimmick for those of us who do regularly take our 4X4's off-road, and who do spend most of that time in 4LO. It is a gimmick for the majority of today's 4X4 buyers who are after an image--just like Ford's Off-Road Package (Ranger), or Chevy's ZR2 (S10).
  • y2ktrdy2ktrd Member Posts: 81
    AHH.......THANK YOU,I'm getting real tired of people talking about this locker thing that don't even know jack about them!I even went to the dealer to look at a exploded view of the rearend
    to see how the locker works(i know the kid in parts)and there isn't any clutches in there like
    people have been saying.I think others should not speak untill they have facts in here,i'm sure alot
    of people get mislead.
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Member Posts: 861
    It's the Ford lovers in Toyota only rooms that are giving the false info.
  • scape2scape2 Member Posts: 4,124
    Whoa, don't start with the image thing here bud. I have an Offroad Ranger and have already taken on a TRD Tacoma and there is where the image comes in. I could go anywhere he could or he was willing to take is 24K truck. And I won't mention the headgasket, oops.
    MMC, what is it with you? YOu are so anti-Ford? I have never said the Tacoma was incapable or unreliable or a "grocery getter". Its a nice truck.
    And Y2Ktrd, I do offroad with my Ranger in the Cascade Mountains and deserts of Oregon/Washington. I have NEVER had a problem. I have been doing this for about 13 years now. And as we both know 95% of 4x4 owners don't use their 4x4 or it never sees even gravel. The locker is only good for offroad ONLY. When disengaged it is an OPEN axle. The limited slip on the RAnger is ALWAYS available. Fact is most folks won't use the locker in the correct manner or situation. Enjoy the sticker.
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Member Posts: 1,352
    Even though I prefer Fords and think spoog is.... well never mind. You've been told about your false posts for a while on the dis-engaging locker, please own up to it. It's a worth while option. Toyota owners, especially spoog, it's also been said that if a locker is soooo important it can be added to most vehicles via A.R.B. The bottom line is most vehicles are driven on road the majority of time. Here in Nevada and in So. Calif. there are shops that can take a Ranger and win Baja (class 7s I believe)and vice versa. So while every one can say why they like their truck it is clear there is no one truck for everyone.
    Merry Christmas all.
  • rsmtomrsmtom Member Posts: 28
    Oh relax!! If you read my post, what I said was that Ford's Off-Road Pack. & Chevy's Zr2 Pack. are image gimmicks JUST LIKE Toy's TRD is for MOST of the people buying them these days. The damn things are a dime-a-dozen where I live, but rarer than common sense off the pavement. I you take yours off-road, then good for you--you made the right choice for yourself. As for myself....having driven 4X4 pickups for 15 years now, those are the kinds of options I prefer, because I do take mine off-road and can appreciate the benefits of improved ground clearance. As for diff. types....I would take a locker over a limited slip without hesitation--it much better suits my use. I want control over the function of my rear axle. Limited-slip diff.'s aren't the best choice for everyone. And, when I am off-roading, I'm not in competition with anyone--just out for a good time. I don't much care what anybody else drives, so long as they do it sensibly and do their part to keep public lands open for public enjoyment.
  • y2ktrdy2ktrd Member Posts: 81
    ok ok the headgasket thing is getting WAY old!!!
    is that the only "flaw" you can find???geeze!
    plus that is a thing of the past now,ive only seen
    problems with the older models.
    reasons i choose toyota:power
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Member Posts: 861
    I never said Rangers weren't good trucks, either. All I ask is that you stop spreading disinformation (locker does not disengage above 5 mph, Rangers do not come standard with ABS, etc.). Really, Vinny, that's all I ask.
  • scape2scape2 Member Posts: 4,124
    4wd Rangers DO come STANDARD with 4whl ABS. And the locker will only be used about 5% of the time for a very spendy option. The limited slip is available ALL THE TIME.
    And you did say the Ranger was incapable MMC, over and over again. Don't back away now, fess up. Why are you in here? You don't even own a Tacoma?? You LEASE a 4-runner?? Why are you in the Tacoma vs Ranger room too??
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Member Posts: 861
    This is a Toyota only room. Why are YOU in here?
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