Car needs jump start, but battery tested OK?

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lost a key between my seats but couldn't move my electric seats so I pushed the push start button without my foot on the break...was able to move the seat and find my key. (I think I pushed the push start again after moving the seat to turn it off but don't recall). This took 30 minutes max. Than my car wouldn't start. Don't think if car was on, 30 minutes would drain the battery?

Had to get a jump start and car worked fine everyday for 4 days. I let engine run 30 minutes after jump start in idle parking lot.

Than yesterday it didn't turn on and I needed another jump start. My battery takes 10 minutes to charge up, but the dash did read "low battery" after 2 minutes of charging. After the jump start I took it to autozone and they said battery tested good. He tested alternator while car was on and said that's fine.

Today, again, the car doesn't start. Lights, radio, etc. turn on and work fine.

Any idea what the issue is?
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