Is it possible for a dealer to order a DC Tundra exactly the way you want

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Hi All,
I'm in the market for a new double cab limited Tundra. I know exactly what I want but can't seem to find it out here in Northern California. I've been to several dealers and am getting different stories regarding ordering what I want directly from Toyota. Most say it can't be done - but a couple have said they can do it. One wants a deposit and one doesn't require a deposit. My local dealers are telling me it's a ruse used by dealers to get you to buy from them, that in the end you don't end up with what you ordered or the truck just never materializes. So my question is have any of you been able to order exactly what you wanted, options & all, from a dealer where you knew your truck didn't exist within a 300 mile radius and actually see your truck arrive? If so, did you put a deposit down? And how long did it take to see your truck materialize? Thanks in advance for your input.


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    I live in Oregon and I've ordered my Toyota with the all options I wanted; the only downside is that some options require you to get others that you may not really care about. For example, we wanted the Vehicle Stability Control, but that option requires getting the bigger 17" wheels that are $650 more. If you build a virtual car on the website, they have option packages that they can build there. I also did give a $1000 deposit, but I'm certain that this is the vehicle I want. My D.C. won't arrive until March 10 (about 6 weeks from order date), but I am anxious to be driving it to my door. Hope you get the features you want for the right price.
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    It is indeed possible to order exactly what you want. I am in Texas, and I have one on order right now. Check with Carson Toyota in the LA area. Diane is the internet manager. I know from following this site and Tundra Solutions, that she does it all the time, and seems to be very easy to work with. I almost bought a Taco in 01 from her, but decided on an F150 instead.

    Good luck,

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    It is indeed possible to order your DC exactly the way you want it. I have had one on order since January and it just came in this past Friday. I went to the dealership and we sat down and I told them exactly what I wanted as far as options go. When the truck came in, they called me and I went in to the dealership with my original sheet and checked off every option I ordered. My salesman even threw in carpeted floor mats and the accessory package with no additional charge. The original agreement we made on the truck was extactly what we sealed the deal with, even with the sticker price of $300 more than what we agreed on. Good luck, be prepared to wait 6-8 weeks for delivery.
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    I have done the same on a Access Cab. I ordered in mid December. Not to get until March or April. Prozacaddict must have gotten lucky and Toyota had one exactly like he ordered in the to be built bank. Or, they just squeezed his order in. The point is, my dealer told me that it would take 6 to 16 weeks to get. Looks like the later time frame for me.
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    I'd heard and read about people who had them on order but up until now I hadn't heard about anyone who had actually seen the truck arrive. As I said earlier I had a number of dealers say it just can't be done. One dealer even told me Toyota could care less if I bought a truck from them or not. Thanks again...

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    Yes, the dealer told me it could be from 6-10 weeks, I placed the order first part of January and just received it last friday, thats about 7 weeks so that is about right, wouldnt you say? And it has every option I ordered with a couple of extra that the dealer threw in without cost like the accessory package and carpet floor mats.
    Good Luck!
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