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Traction errors

cecharbocecharbo Member Posts: 2
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I just purchased a 2011 Traverse in Sept of 2015. It had about 90,000 miles on it. I did my research and was beyond thrilled. However, today on the way to work with my two children, the vehicle dinged 4 times, brought up 3 different messages, and the traction light came on, The vehicle wouldn't accelerate past 50 miles per hour, and I had to turn around from heading to work to get the vehicle to a dealership for a check over. The man informed me this was a common issue with the messages and dinging and acceleration in my vehicle. After reading all the posts, I too am now concerned about my vehicle. It is now at the dealership and costing me money just to get it hooked up to the sensors, but the lights aren't all on now and it appears to be working fine. GREAT! Apparently that is only temporary though based on what I'm seeing and hearing from others. GM needs to take responsibility for this and create a recall and be informing others of this issue. We are experiencing too cold of weather for us to be stranded on the expressway or anywhere for that matter.


  • cjmaddoxcjmaddox Member Posts: 1
    Same issues with 2012 traverse! Call NHTSA 8883274236 and report. The more that do the more likely a recall will be issued! 
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