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2015 Audi S3 Throttle Response Issue

pchao2pchao2 Member Posts: 4
edited January 2016 in Audi
I recently test drove two 2015 MY Audi S3 with a Build Date in December 2014 (new car) and February 2015 (used car); both cars seem to exhibit throttle response problem. When the gas pedal initially depressed from a stop sign intersection, both cars moved as slow as a turtle for two seconds before taking off like the Road Runner. I repeated the same condition several times with the same result in both the Sport mode and Dynamic mode. And the whole situation became worse in Comfort mode. Some Audi forums and also the dealership claim S3 has no turbo lag. This slow to start moving can be dangerous during crowded stop & go traffic. Then, I test drove a S3 that was possibly built on a later date and the poor throttle response was almost non-existent. Therefore, I am pondering if maybe the built quality of each S3 is not consistent or maybe there is a Technical Service Bulletin that has significantly reduced this problem.

Does anyone know of a Technical Service Bulletin fix for throttle response?

Does anyone notice the same problem and what Build Date is the car?
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