Is it time to shoot her or fix her up?

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I have a 93' Mazda B3000SE PU. It has 153,000 miles on it. It has a major oil leak. I add a qt. of oil every other day to it. The transmission is sliping out of overdrive after I drive it for about 20 minutes. It's an automatic. And just last week the muffler went out. My question is do I fix her up or do I trade her in on a newer model?? (Edmonds had a price of about $350.00 TMV & $1,200.00 to buy at retail). Thank you!!


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    Say a prayer, have a moment of silence...then have the wrecker haul it away.
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    Anybody have any other ideas?? Please!!
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    You seem to be looking for an excuse to not do what you know must be done. That's something only you can decide. If I say to put $2000 into a $1000 truck, which is your situation now, then it's still your choice. Do you want the $1000 truck for $2000?
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    sign it over for scrap.
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    Since the only way the repairs can be less cost than the vehicle is worth is to do it all yourself, it comes down to your emotional involvement.

    Given that there appears to be some emotional attachment (we're having this conversation aren't we?), the next step is to rationalize the journey of resurrection/restoration.
    You could consider is an educational tool to learn about automotive repair. And, therefor, cost does not have to pass sanity checks.

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    Ok, I hear you. I'm off to the used car lot. Do you think a car dealer would take her as a trade in? Or will I have to pay them to take it? Again thanks for the comfort, I hate to see her go. :(
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    Sometimes there is a need to make the numbers work by providing a trade in.
    The real quandary is what works best for you.
    Don't forget that you can donate it to a non-profit eligible organization and take the tax write off.

    Good Luck
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