Upcoming 2005 Suzuki SUV

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From TCC -

Suzuki will unveil YET ANOTHER GMDAT product, but this time it's an SUV.

theo: You were able to find pictures of the Reno before it came out...do you think you could do the same here??


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    It isn't an SUV at all, it's the wagon version of the L-body (Forenza/Reno). I don't know what TCC is talking about. Put the TCC sketch up against a pic of the Daewoo Nubira wagon (find it at wieckphoto.com) and it's obvious.

    Suzuki is rumored to be getting a new SUV on the GM Theta platform, which will come out of the CAMI plant in Canada, but that won't happen until MY2006 or 2007.

    -Andrew L
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    Yea I figured that out thanks to GMI.
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    looks like a Saturn L series wagon. Boring.
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    Some possible Suzuki vehicles. And there suprisingly great vehicles!

    XL7 replacement: image

    The new Full Size Luxury sedan: image

    And the True Mini-van: image

    This is keeping with current trends of GM pushing the GMDAT products into Suzuki to increase it's lineup. The Theta platform WILL NOT be used by Suzuki auto, they have an internal issue with a non-true 4wd vehicle.
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    While you're just stating a trend, that doesn't mean the Rexton will come here. SsangYong motors is cutting itself loose from GMDAT so that means in a couple of years, there will be no Daewoo Rexton, only a SsangYong Rexton which is NOT part of GMDAT. Spy reports have already shown that GM and Suzuki are working on the next XL7 and/or Grand Vitara replacement based on the Theta platform. And what is this 'internal issue' you speak of?
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    is actually the Daewoo Rezzo, right? I remember when they had a naming contest back then and I remember seeing one in Detroit back in 2002 at the tucked away and quiet Daewoo display which had almost nobody roaming the floor. No Reps from Daewoo, no people from the public except for me.
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    Suzuki has issues with NON-True 4wd vehicles. Was at a Suzuki event where reps attended couple years back and they said that Suzuki motors of Japan and America have no plans to build a crossover utility vehicle, they said we call them "Station wagons". Also saw a recent report that the Canada plant will not be making Vue based SUV's for Suzuki. I saw reports of a larger SUV with a 3.5L V6 and a smaller SUV (based on XL-7 size) with the 2.7L all on ladder frames with full-time 4wd or part time 4wd but with Lo-range lock-ups for HD off-road use. Suzuki owners buy Suzuki SUV's because of the ladder frame and true 4wd system... Otherwise they'd purchase the NUMEROUS station wagons we have available today or the Aerio wagon.
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    You said that was "a couple of years ago". Believe me...Suzuki's XL7 replacement is on the same architecture/platform as the Equinox, Vue, and Torrent.
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