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Four Car Dealerships That Help the Homeless |

It's no secret that car dealerships make money. Less well known is that some give part of it back to help homeless people in their communities.

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    I would like to know if there are any dealerships in Oklahoma that would be interested in helping homeless and the disabled with auto needs and sponsoring people who are passionate about improving their situation but have just hit a wall . I am one of those folks and would greatly appreciate any advice or information on getting some help. I was once a active member of my community, business owner , FBI wife , part time college student and a mother of two. Everything changed when I became chronically ill with a disease no one had heard of but is common now. I lost everything!!! Now I have one thing! I have a smart car. I love my smart car. My disability income is so small there is nothing for car repairs or anything else after the payment, car insurance and cell phone. I have actually had to sleep in that car more than once in Walmart and Loves parking lots cause it seemed safe. I am lucky I have a few friends who I stay with and rotate me around so I'm not too much of a burden on any one family. I have a dream of helping people who are homeless to be recycled into a tiny house community with a community garden and community center ... and maybe a few smart cars to get to important events like Dr appt ect... I would like to go back to college and get my degree in bio-sustainability. I believe we must make the most of our resources and that includes our greatest resources of all ... HUMAN BEINGS!!!! If you have advice for me please email [Email removed]
    thank you
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