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imageFuture Toyota C-HR, No Longer a Scion, Caught by Spy Photographers | Edmunds.com

The C-HR, a Scion crossover concept that previously hinted at a new direction for the brand, will now be part of the Toyota lineup. Spy photographers caught the Toyota C-HR during testing.

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  • diigiidiigii Member Posts: 156
    Toyota presents the all-new Matrix! :)
  • any1thereany1there Member Posts: 21
    edited February 2016
    "Toyota presents the all-new Matrix!" -- Are you so enamored of the name Matrix that any new Toyota hatchback, from now on, built on a new platform, will be a "new Matrix" to you? Time to move on, pal.
  • writerwriter Member Posts: 121
    Toyota announced (2015?) that they would move production of Corollas from Canada down to Mexico and more recently announced that the Rav4 would be produced in its place in Canada.

    Speaking of the Matrix though, as far as I know, it sold well in Canada right up to the end of availability and probably better than the Rav4 as long as it was available. I think with current oil prices, the Rav4 will do well, but there is no doubt that in the long run, these low oil prices are only temporary. Whether "peace breaks out" in the Middle East or not, eventually, supplies will eventually drop down and high prices will return. When that happens, a Matrix size vehicle will be in demand in Canada again. The Matrix was never fully developed as a vehicle. It was never much more than a styling exercise on a Corolla. Toyota never really looked at whether they could do better with the interior. As for whether it comes out as a "Matrix" or not does not really concern me. The name was a good hook back when it came out. Now it has no pull. But it is not terrible either.

    In the US, I understand that the Chevy HHR sold fairly well too. The vehicle concept has good potential. Did that vehicle sell because it was called an "HHR"? Somehow, I doubt it. . . .
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