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Scion Comes to End of the Road | Edmunds.com

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imageScion Comes to End of the Road | Edmunds.com

Toyota is eliminating Scion, a quirky brand aimed at the coveted youth market, the automaker confirmed on Wednesday.

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    sonny28sonny28 Member Posts: 65
    About damn time. I'm sure the FR-S fans are pleased to have a switch to a more "authentic" logo.

    I actually had a lot of respect for the Scion name, but I felt it was too niche. Good memories now that I think back.
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    subatomicsubatomic Member Posts: 140
    I respect Toyota for trying to target and win over younger buyers with the Scion brand. There is no success (or failure) without trying. I am also grateful that the FR-S will survive. The world can never have too many affordable sports cars :-)
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