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Lights and door chiming

jaskat2327jaskat2327 Member Posts: 1
edited February 2016 in Mitsubishi
Hi, I just made the stupid classic mistake and bought a Mitsubishi Montero sport 1999 off craiglist. My boyfriend did the test drive. Now I have it and the door won't stop chiming and the blinkers don't work nor do the emergency flashers. I have checked the fuses and the relay and I have changed out the actual switch or handle whatever u call it that would turn your lights on and still nothing. Please anyone with suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  • 93tracker5spd93tracker5spd Member Posts: 194
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    Hello! I don't own this model of vehicle, so havn't tried this but remembered seeing it on another forum. How to disconnect the door chime. The flashers and signals of course are an electrical problem, start with a wiring diagram of the system and test each component until finding the culprit. Good luck. And I hope someone with more knowledge of this vehicle will post.


    "Originally posted by C B"


    I disconnected mine just because it sux.

    What you do is:
    1. Lay with head under steering wheel.
    2. Shine flaslight up above pedals.
    3. Find box making noise by touching it to quiet noise.
    4. Disconnect wire connector.
    5. Be a lot happier."

    FYI for all: seemed that there were two ways to do it- disconnect the wire at the door sensor or at the box. I did the box b/c I still want the open door warning to show up on the instrument panel so I followed C B's directions.
    When you're looking up at all the wires and boxes behind and under the wheel, it's the one directly above you, to the right of the round metal thing (mine had a V or X-something sticker on it), with white connection pieces. You can tell you've got the right one b/c you can feel a slight vibration when the bastard's ringing.
    They were all right; it takes five seconds for piece and quiet. Thanks all.
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