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imageShould I Buy a Car's Factory Navigation System?

Weighing the pros and cons of factory navigation and its alternatives, such as the smartphone.

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  • mikebutkusmikebutkus Member Posts: 18
    I have had a number of in dash GPS systems. All from Hyundai, a Subaru I was looking at required some $3,400 to get the GPS system. I went with a Kia and bought a 5" GPS for the dash. The following only deals with my former 2008, 2012 and now the two 2014 Hyundai cars I now have. The newer models have updated GPS software, and there can be a dramatic change to the GPS abilities from 2014 to 2017 models.
    1. Yes, they are nice and large. Sunglare can be a problem, they can turn down the radio when the GPG talks and you can change the volume of the GPS volume. You can easily turn off the sound of the GPS, some times the GPS will not take shortcuts to a major hightway you know, so just shut her up until you need her.
    2. Yes, it's a HER, can't change that. If you know the way back, you can delete the trip easily. It remembers all of your trips. We have 6 screens of previous routes.
    3.You can save them as different users. Favorite restaurant, or vacation spot, there are 4 users with some 30 spots each you can save too.
    4. The updates cost ! I got two updates free, as I complained to Hundai that our NEW cars came with old GPS data. POI stores locations were closed more then 2 years on a number of the GPS suggestion, we told them to check Google Maps. We got 2 free updates.
    5. NO, most hacks are dangerous. The company will not replace a GPS without hardware problems without a long dragged out problem. If that hack software kills the GPS, you could be in for $$$. There are even warnings on legal updates as the car needs to be running for 20 min or more for the software to install. If your car uses an SD card for updates, no - you can't get a "copy" of one from the internet. SD cards are hackproof as of 2016. They were made to be that way. Many companies use SD card with special expensive machines to put hidden data on them. So updates can only come from the company.
    6. You can't use an old one as during the ordering process, they ask for the VIN of your car. They must put something in the SD card to match it with the VIN. Our dealer told us about that as they used to just dropped the new car SD cards in a cup after taking a test drive. They found out the SD card used to program the GPS initially needed to be back in that particular car. So NO you cannot use an older version (say replace Ver 8 with someone selling his old Ver 9 because that person bought a Ver 10.5)
    7. I bought a Garman GPS for my Motorcycle, with free lifetime updates a year and half ago. STILL no updates available. No new roads, POI or anything in almost two years. So watch out for that, and after 5 years I bet they list it as an unsupported model. Read the update warranty, it's free if THAT make has an update made for it. No guarantee that they make updates every year, or ever !
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Odd, I update my Garmin about every three months or so with the free updates. They still miss a lot of new roads though.
  • mikebutkusmikebutkus Member Posts: 18
    Never, never, never ask the dealer about the radio, GPS or smartphone application. They are clueless. Check with a car forum (like Edmunds) they will lie, and lie more about the system (updates are automatic, they are free, they come through your smartphone). ONLY if they write those lies on the contract can you sue them when it doesn't happen. Oh, the new Android/Apple Auto, perfect. Except you cannot use your phone (with the current version) like to make or receive calls. The phone turns to GPS mode only ! ! Wait, wait, I can't use my phone when the GPS is on, oh for goodness sakes !
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAMember Posts: 9,403

    Are you having trouble figuring out how to use all of the technology in your car? If you're overwhelmed with how to operate your navigation system, bluetooth, park assist or other advanced technology feature, a reporter would love to talk to you about your experience.

    Please send an email to [email protected] by Friday, March 17, 2017.
  • JackG47JackG47 NYCMember Posts: 1
    The NAV system in my 2017 Honda Accord was a waste of money. It spends most of its time searching for satellites. It is useless in most urban areas. The dealer says they can't do anything. And as a bonus, I can't use CarPlay because it effectively disables my iPhone based GPS. Hugely disappointing. Total waste of many $$. Not to mention five trips to the dealer.
  • DaverceeDavercee Tampa, FloridaMember Posts: 101
    Thank you very much for the replies, fellas! I'm learning a lot from this thread alone.
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