2005 Hyundai Accent

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Spy Shot: 2005 Hyundai Accent
This is the production version of the E3 concept car shown by Hyundai in Geneva in March 2004. The more adventurous aspects of the E3's styling will have been toned down - the rear-hinged back doors won't feature, for example - and the finished product won't come with the full pale leather interior of the show car, but the basic theme will be similar: spacious, with a light and airy cabin. Expect a much more refined ride than in the current Accent, with improved cabin materials and fabrics and a more modern finish.

The show car had a full-length glass roof and 19-inch alloy wheels: the latter are unlikely to be offered on the production car, but the roof is a possible option. The model range is expected to break cover officially late this year, for launch early in 2005.
http://www.channel4.com/4car/media/spyshots/H/03-large/Hyundai-Ac- cent-01.jpg

http://www.channel4.com/4car/media/spyshots/H/03-large/Hyundai-Ac- cent-02.jpg

http://www.channel4.com/4car/media/spyshots/H/03-large/Hyundai-Ac- cent-03.jpg

http://www.channel4.com/4car/media/spyshots/H/03-large/Hyundai-Ac- cent-04.jpg


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    Hey, thanks for the spy photos! Any word on drivetrains, equipment, etc? If Hyundai can improve this car- especially the handling and MPG, and offer ABS, but hold a reasonable line on pricing, I think it would make a great, sensible purchase.

    It isnt quite enough of a finished product for me right now, but with a few tweaks... this could be the sleeper value in the small car class.

    Thanks again!

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    with that high rear end and chunky styling, it looks really similar to the mew Mazda3... not at all a bad thing, imo. If they were releasing it in the next few months instead of early next year I'd be buying it instead of having a deposit down on an Elantra GT. Looks like a fun little car!

    Also, anybody have shots of the concept from Geneva?
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    When is this suppose to be released, in the fall 2004?
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    Here is the latest contender from Korea, the Hyundai Talos. It will replace the Accent early in 2005, and promises more refinement, interior quality and aesthetic style.

    The latest news to emerge about Hyundai's Accent replacement, apart from that fact that it will be called Talos, is that it will be built in hatchback form as well as saloon. That's a first for Hyundai, which had previously produced the Accent in saloon guise only, and will form an important part of the Korean company's plans to claim a position as one of the top five global car producers by the end of the decade. The car captured testing here is clearly the hatchback version, and note the dramatic 'character lines' over the front wheel arches, and just visible through the rear-end disguise. This is likely to be the best-looking Accent ever, with the successful styling evolution that worked so well on the Hyundai Coupe and recently launched Tucson offroader finding its way further down the range. Likewise, the Talos will be a much more refined car than the one it replaces.




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    The outline looks very much like the Hyundai E-Cubed concept introduced in Geneva.
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    Other than that, I like it a lot better than the Accent.
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    You mean, Hyundai produced the Accent four-door in saloon guise only, right? The Accent has been available as a 2-door hatchback for some time. And of course the predecessor to the Accent, the Excel, was available as both a 2-door and 4-door hatchback. The new Talos looks like a slick little car. We need more hatchbacks!
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    I owned an Excel - terrible car.

    I test drove a Rio, before I purchased my Toyota Echo.

    The interior of the Rio reminded me of the Excel. Like the same kinds of styling for dials and buttons, it seemd to have the exact same glove compartment - a tiny tiny glove compartment that seems to have a 3" thick, heavily padded, ten-pound glove compartment door.

    When I drove my Excel for 30 minutes or longer, my left knee would start to ache, it was just something about the position of my left leg in that car... So I would have to start moving my leg around, sometimes I'd stretch it out a little bit and put my toes under the brake pad (not smart I know).

    When I test drove the Rio, I sat in the drivers seat for about 10 minutes while the salesman yacked about the car's features. then I drove it for about 10 minutes, and then I noticed that my left knee started hurting again, just like it did in the Excel. Maybe it was psycosomatic - I thought the Rio was so much like the Excel that I thought my knee should hurt, I don't know. But everything about the Rio screamed EXCEL !!!

    I had a bad experience with the quality and service on that Excel, so I never even looked at Hyundai when I was looking for a low-end sedan for commuting. That the Rio reminded me so much of the Excel was enough to steer me away from buying it.
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    The Excel was last produced in 1994. This is ten years later. Times change. The car we are discussing here is three generations removed from the Excel.
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    I just spoke to a Hyundai salesman and he expects the new Accent in November or December. He has not heard of any changes in the 2005 and is under the impression that only the Sonata will change and of course the Tucson will be a new model in the line up.

    He could be wrong or is intentionally trying to push left over 04 models.. What do your dealers say?

    The Talos looks great. Is there a Talos model in the present model line up in Korea?? I havent heard of it before.
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    I had a chance to peek at a dealers "Automotive News" for August 16th and on page 36 there are camouflaged shots of the 06 Kia Optima and Hyundai Sonata and 07 Elantra and the 07 Hyundai Santa Fe. They do mention that there will be a new 05 Accent this Fall but no pictures or details but they do say it will be more Korean like than American and they say the nextt Kia Rio based on the Accent will be available as both a 4 door and 5 door hatch. Ill bet the new Accent doesnt have a 2 door GT anymore. The next Rio is an 06.
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    07 elantra? Wasn't it supposed to be a 06 since the 05 kia spectra currently uses the future platform of the elantra?
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    Spoke to Hyundai the other day and they said that the Accent for 05 will remain unchanged and that they expect the 06 to be the new model...perhaps the Lanos overseas, a 4 door hatch.
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    It can't be a Lanos since A. that was discontinued & B. the Lanos is part of GMDAT.
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    I heard that ABS will finally be an option although I am sure it will be available on all trim levels.
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    ABS is an option on the 05 Accent. It is part of the top package.
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    Anything else out there yet?
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    Well, obviously there's the new Accent5. It's a 5 door version of the sedan. It just came out and finally has TWO AIRBAGS!! So since they just launched it now, I presume that the next Accent will unfortunately only show up in 2006 as a 2007 model so that the Accent5 lasts at least 2 years (importing this model here for only one year would not be logic at all). Don't forget that Hyundai's gonna launch its new Sonata, XG, and Elantra (probably) in 2005 as 2006 models so I think they're gonna wait until later for the Accent because there's too much new models coming out at the same time.
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    or serious? cause Im lost?

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    Serious. I thought everybody knew that. I don't know, perhaps the Accent5 is only available in Canada. I already saw the commercial almost 10 times on the T.V.
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    The statement of a five door being the first for hyundai's accent line is false. Hyundai has made a five door model of the Accent for years. It has just not been imported into the USA. Go to Hyundai uk or Hyundai canada site to see how good the five door looks.A shame really that it was never imported into the USA.
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    I was referring to the two airbags part.

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    It really has 2 airbags. But I was being sarcastic since none of the other models in the Accent's line-up have 2.
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    that you were from the US/Canada... in which case the Accent has had 4 airbags standard since mid 2003 model year.

    where are you from?

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    I'm from Québec, in Canada. Where are you from? In Canada, unfortunately, the Accent has just ONE airbag for the driver that's all. I suppose it's to offer the lowest price possible. But it's popular anyway like almost all the other sub-compact cars (Aveo, Wave, Swift+, Echo Hatchback/Sedan) so Hyundai probably thinks the Accent doesn't really need improvements in terms of safety since it's already so popular...
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    03 Accent had only drivers airbag in Canada. 04 and 05 have dual airbags in Canada. Sadly, the side airbags that are standard equipment in the USA are not available in Canada.
    It is unfortunate that there is not a standard safety spec. for vehicles worldwide. In EEU ABS brakes are now required equipment, it would be nice if all the USA/Canada Hyundai vehicles had standard ABS.
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    caps lock for your next post. On bulletin boards, caps lock is considered shouting. Thank you, and welcome!!

    Best regards

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    My niece needs a new car and bottom line cost is an issue but so too is the warranty and safety equipment. Owning an Elantra GT hatch, I'm partial to a base Elantra or Accent with A/C. Any one out there have other thoughts from your own experiences? I see where Chevy just put a $5k rebate plus other incentives on the going into history Cavalier. The Aveo is a price leader too as are some late model Foci after the first year or two of depreciation. Late model used Hyundai? Would love to get the new car warranty though.

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