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Car won't start then does, then doesn't! What's wrong?

frostdrivefrostdrive Member Posts: 1
edited February 2016 in Chrysler
Hello. I have a 2004 PT Cruiser.

4 weeks ago. Car didn't start. Replaced Starter. Worked great. For a week.

Then didn't start. Made one click and a little hum. All lights lit up. Battery was fine.

Then days later. Car started! Worked great. For a week.

Then car didn't start. Same. Made one click, little hum. Didn't work for two weeks.

Checked the starter relay. Ok. Checked the battery. Ok. Checked fuses. Ok.

Today, hooked up battery. Didn't pay attention an :confused: d I hooked it up backwards. The negative wire fell and hit what was the positive terminal, while the positive wire was hooked up to the negative.

Stupid of me, I know. Took it off. Freaked out, thought I had fried my car and made it worthless.

Hooked battery up the right way.

and guess what.

Car suddenly works again. But now my interior lights, and radio don't turn on.

How safe is this thing to drive? It should've ruined my car but it fixed it?
Should I check some things like the Neutral Safety Switch, or the Iginition Switch?
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