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I'm reaching the end of the 3 year warranty on my Focus (only have 15 K miles on it) and am thinking of getting a 6 year/36 K basic Ford ESP warranty. Its around 450-500 dollars (based on deductible) at Ford's web site. I went to my Ford dealer asking them if they could match it, but he said their price would always be a little higher than the online price since I knew exactly what I wanted.

This surprised me. For the relatively small sum of money involved (as I said, the whole warranty is only 500 $), I'm not inclined to waste any more time shopping around, but I'm really curious if Ford is actually undercutting dealers (or the margin for such small sales is too tiny to justify any cost cuts on the dealer side).



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    Hi Batmobile

    As you have discovered, the price of the ESP will vary depending on who you ask. You can purchase the Ford ESP from any Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury dealer, so don't hesitate to shop around. A web search will probably turn up dealers who are willing to cut deep discounts on ESPs as well.

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    Has anyone found deep discounts on-line? I have a lincoln navigator that is loaded w/ all the electronics (power running boards/ liftgate, fold-down seats, etc). I was looking at the 7yr/100K premiumcare warranty but that appears to go for >$2600!!!!
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    Hey "Siteexpert" --Purchased my Ford ESP online last year at this time. Was fast and efficient. A few emails sign and return via fax and then get policy by fax. Quotes were competitive, willing to "dicker" a little, and way less than Ford ESP site or local dealers. Got mine thru a Ford dealer in Iowa and I'm in VA.
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    I did not end up buying Ford, but when I was researching I got a quote from I think they were pretty competitive, but can not find the actual quote. IIRC they were giving an additional discount if I purchased within X number of days.

    Just found it...not the price, but the offer was an additional $175 off their quoted price.

    Found on the site that it seems to be offered by Lombard Ford in Winsted, CT. Plus they have links to Honda and Acura warranty sites at the bottom of the page.
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    ...for service, I figured that I'd be diplomatic about the deal. I got a quote from one of the Ford dealers that sell warranties online, then went to my selling/servicing dealer and asked them if they'd match the price. They did, so I bought the extended warranty locally, figuring that they'd be "more cooperative" if there were ever any questionable circumstances.
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    I bought a 2004 Focus, and the dealer gave me the 6yr/100K PremiumCare with a $50 deductible for $965. I have to decide whether to keep it or cancel it.

    Is this a good price? I haven't found better, but I didn't have to negotiate for it, so it is probably a typical price.
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    Hi ace1000. Ever since it had to make a million recalls on the Focus a couple of years ago, Ford has been providing a free 5 year/100,000 mile Powertrain Care ESP warranty on all Focus models. This obviously will not cover everything that could possibly go wrong with your car, but I personally would be hesitant to purchase another warranty that would provide redundant coverage. If having a full warranty on your car gives you the peace of mind that you desire, then $965 seems like a reasonable price to me. You may still want to shop around to make sure by e-mailing a few dealers to see what sort of price quotes they give you.

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    In actuality, 965 is a good price. The reason the dealer was able to give you that price is because you upgraded the warranty from a powertrain plan to a premiumcare plan which is the same as the 36/3600 factory warranty pertaining to coverage. His actual cost on the service contract was obviously less than what you paid, but the retail price on that service contract was approximately $1700. You were able to get that price because the dealer gets a rebate for the powertrain portion which the dealer forwarded to you. I would definitely keep the contract as the likelihood of the vehicle having a powertrain problem in the first 100K is unlikely. However, it is likely you could have some warranty repairs on the other items in the vehicle that are not covered by the powertrain coverage. The premiumcare coverage covers over 500 components in the vehicle in comparison to the 29 covered by the powertrain.
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    Listen to this: We were in an accident Dec 26, 2004, and totaled our 2000 Windstar. We had 2 years left on a 4 year warranty. Contacted the dealer to have the remainder canceled and refunded. Two months later I received a check for $880-- $50 less than what Ford ESP office told me to expect! Turns out my refund was for $980, and Ford ESP kept a $50 processing fee, so I was due $930. But the dealer kept out HIS $50 processing fee, too! So he turned around and cut me a check for $880! Ford ESP has told me the dealer owes me $50, but he won't pay up! I sent a letter to both him and Ford headquarters nearly 3 weeks ago, and have heard nothing! Hard to believe this has happened since I've both purchased a van from this dealer, and had all my service done there for the past 4 years!
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    Does anyone know of any dealers offering discounts on the Premium Care extended warranties either online or over the phone? I need one for a 2003 Ford Taurus SES just about to come out of warranty. Thanks.
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    In 2003 I purchased online from and they were the most competitive and I live in Virginia. They were very easy to work with. Emails and faxes made it happen. Give them a try.
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    Good luck!
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    I just bought a 2004 Ford Taurus with 30K miles for several thousand less than blue book (awesome deal). But the dealership convinced me to get a 4 yr or 48K mile Ford ESP Premium Extended warranty with $200 deductible for $1460. I thought it was a good idea at the time, but reading more on line, I'm not so sure.

    I like the Taurus, but my previous Taurus did need a new transmission at 75K so I thought an extended warranty on this Taurus might be a good idea.

    Just wondering if anyone in the forums has any comments positive or negative.
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    I can't comment on the pricing, but if you plan to keep your Taurus for a long time, you probably made the right decision. I had a Mercury Sable (same car), and my transmission went out at 60K. If that happens, then the warranty will pretty much pay for itself. Until then, at least you've got peace of mind that you don't have to worry about the cost of that or any other major problems.


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    I was shopping for a warranty for my new 2006 Ford Fusion because I was interested in the warranty but the price the dealer shot me was too high. I found Midwest Ford Lincoln Mercury in Hutchinson, Kansas to be the cheapest. I asked them about a 6 year / 75,000 mile Powertrain Care, becuase I was trying to keep the cost down, when they hit me at $630 with a $200 deductible I decided that I would upgrade to the Premium Care which covers the same components as the factory warranty and I was able to get it for $925, but I could have done the 5 year / 75000 mile premium care for $785. If you are buying a warranty for your Ford, you need to call them, they did everything by phone, I didn't have to hassle with a bunch of faxes and mail, it was done in 10 minutes.
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    The cheapest online dealer for Ford ESPs I have found is It is run by Saccucci Lincoln Mercury.

    I found it to be about about $100 cheaper than the others.
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    i don't which others you are comparing to, but when i have requested quotes from lombard ford, they have sent a coupon to lower the price, although not every time.
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    Didn't Ford extend the powertrain warranty to 5yr/60k miles in July?
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    No listing for a 2005 F150 in the Only 06 and 07. Seems bizzare.
  • parkyparky Member Posts: 20
    I thought that was for 07 models.
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    just recv online discount today from for $185 via email good for 1 week. I think I 'll see if dealer will match or exceed.

    The only thing scaring me into a warranty is the electronics and hourly wages on newer vehicles. I enjoyed the days of pre electronic this and that vehicles.
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    Did you try and compare their prices??
  • parkyparky Member Posts: 20
    Thanks for the heads up. They are the same amount as FordWarrantys. And they charge sales tax. Maybe buy out of state and save an additional $100.00.
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    No, Ford's warranty extension also applies to '06 models that were sold on or after July 15, 2006.
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    I wondered the same thing. I have a 06 Mustang GT that is over 1 year old and bought 10/20/05, having under 36k miles on it. I am a member on The Mustang Source forum webpage that has dealers that are sponsors.

    4 year/ 100,000 mile Premium Care ($100 Ded.):
    Mustang Source sponsor (Chastang's Bayou City Ford) - $1040 - $1375 w/ email coupon $180 = $1195

    Academny Ford (Consumers Checkbook) - $1230

    My local dealer first quoted me:
    $1760, then said he'd made a mistake as we were about to leave, offering me $1340. He said he'd call me back if he could get it lower.

    I called several dealers and haggled, not fun and a waste of time. I did NOT have to haggle with the lowest price here. I just asked and he told me how much over Dealer price they were selling it for. So there are bonuses in being apart of a forum.
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    That $1040 is dead cost. Cost is $940 + $100 surcharge for being outside your 12/12. With the standard $100 deductible
  • glass32glass32 Member Posts: 1
    Does anybody happen to know what the dealer cost is for 6YR 100k with 100 ded on a new Mustang (V6 Conv)?
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    I am assuming you want Premium Care. If you do it would be $1010 + tax. I might know where you can buy one for that price ;) :P
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    When comparing our online warranty stores to local dealers prices you must also remember that some states charge sales tax on the price of the warranty.

    If you live in the following states your dealer must charge sales tax.

    Washington, D.C.
    South Dakota
    West Virginia
    New Jersey
    New York
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    I sell allot of Service Contracts to folks out of state over the phone for just that reason, they don't have to pay sales tax and it saves them around $100.
  • joel0622joel0622 Member Posts: 3,299
    For any one that is interested Ford now offers a 200K mile Service Contract on there Diesel Engines. There are two different plans depending on the current miles on truck.
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    Greetings, Joe

    might you be able to provide a competitive price and where to obtain a Ford Prem Care ESP on the following:

    2006 Merc Mariner 4x4, 800 mi
    7 yr,100k mi
    $50 or $100 ded

    prem maintenence plan available ? If so: 6 yr, 100k mi

    thanx in advance

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    A good price for the 7yr 100K Premium Care with A $100 deductible would be $1635. Now make sure you need all 7 years because the 6yr 100K would only be $1210.

    A good price for the 6yr 100K Maintanence normal schedule (every 5K) would be $1655.
  • mos248mos248 Member Posts: 2

    Prompt and informative response very much appreciated.

    Thank you, Kind Sir.

  • southsidersouthsider Member Posts: 3
    For new 2007 Expedition Limited EL:
    Right price to be paying on 6yr/100k premium care warr AND premium pre-paid service?

    PLUS will be relocating out of VA to MO within 6-7 months, better to purchase in new home state??

  • joel0622joel0622 Member Posts: 3,299
    2 or 4 wheel drive?
  • southsidersouthsider Member Posts: 3
    4WD , 2nd part concerns warrantee not the vehicle itself
  • joel0622joel0622 Member Posts: 3,299
    Check your car space email account
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    Try again - as everything was marked as span till now.
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  • bhaugenbhaugen Member Posts: 6
    Looking for info on best deal for esp form 07 expedition Eddie Bauer. Any help out there?
  • joel0622joel0622 Member Posts: 3,299

    4x2 or 4x4?

    In Service Date?
  • bhaugenbhaugen Member Posts: 6
    sorry so long for :P the response...holidays and all...
    31938 miles
    november 2006 in service date
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    Check your carspace email in your profile.

    Since you are new here I am going to point out that the little tag line in the bottom of my message is from a bet I lost with another member here. I did not want to confuse the issue.

    "imports are superior"
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    had nothing in my inbox...try again? thanks for the help.
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    Check it now, if nothing there shoot me a email to the address in my profile and I will reply with some info for you.

    "Imports are superior"
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    I sent you a follow up with more questions...
  • bhaugenbhaugen Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for all the help Joel!
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    Any time, glad I could help. Feel free to give any of your family or friends my info if they ever need it.
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    check your email. I put my car info in an email to your listed email.
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